Lex Bond Launches the Run or Hunt – Action Arcade

Innovative mobile game developer, Lex Bond, announces the launch of Run or Hunt, a survival shooter action arcade, on Google Play

The Lex Bond team is reiterating their commitment to delivering the best gaming experience to millions of people across the globe as the company opens the New Year with the immersive Run or Hunt shooting game. The action arcade, which is currently available on Google Play for users of Android devices, offers captivating gameplay as players try to save Earth from the invasion of alien intruders.

The mobile gaming industry has witnessed a steady increase in recent times as more people use their smartphones and other similar devices to have some fun and stay engaged on-the-go. A recent Statista report revealed that smartphone games accounted for almost 50% of video gaming revenue worldwide in 2020, with the market size projected to exceed $100 billion by 2023 on the back of increasing mobile penetration rates and smartphone usage worldwide. However, Lex Bond seeks to take the gaming experience a notch higher as substantiated by the release of Run or Hunt.

The action-packed survival shooter action arcade comes with a wide range of features that will captivate players and probably have them stuck with their mobile phones for hours. From the thrill of 3D adventure RPG platformer shooters to a twist of the old-school retro shooters, Run or Hunt has everything for an avid adventure game lover.

Some exciting features of the alien shooter arcade game include conquering several levels as a single player, different game modes, and deadly traps. Other features are the use of ally alien robot pets, soldiers with different unique abilities, and the collection of guns, coins, and alien keys. Players also get to compete against the best gamers in the world and conquer them across levels as well as unlock soldiers and alien pets with amazing combat skills.

Run or Hunt delivers an all-inclusive survival arcade adventure, with dazzling runs, to offer one of the most exciting action shooter games of 2022.

The free alien shooter game is available on Google Play for lovers of adventure worldwide.

For further information about Run or Hunt, visit Facebook and YouTube.

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