Lewis Allan Releases New Legal Thriller – Mouse In The Box
Author Lewis Allan is pleased to announce the release of his new legal thriller, Mouse In The Box.

In a city consumed by violence and injustice, an attorney finds himself at the center of a legal storm, forced to question his own beliefs and fight for justice against all odds…

It’s a record year for violent crime in Milwaukee.

For hard-charging criminal defense attorney Mason Mitchell, that means business is booming.

Every day, he defends drug dealers, gangbangers, and killers. Every night, he tries to wash it all away with vodka. Now, two new cases will shake the city and Mason’s faith in the system.

When his world becomes a volatile cocktail of bad cops, racial tension, and murder, where will Mason turn for real justice?

Prepare for a thrilling ride through the gritty streets of Milwaukee, where attorney Mason Mitchell’s pursuit of justice brings him face-to-face with corrupt cops, dangerous criminals, and a fight for his own survival in this electrifying courtroom thriller.

About the Author:

Lewis Allan is a pen name used by the two authors behind Mason Mitchell — a veteran criminal defense attorney, and a well-traveled freelance writer. These childhood friends reconnected after thirty plus years to create a story that is entirely fictional, except for Clyde, who is 100% real. Mouse In The Box is their debut novel.

Russell Jones loves jury trials. He has conducted over 300 of them, including more than fifty homicide trials. With two decades of courtroom experience as a criminal defense attorney, he is recognized as a leader in the profession, winning several awards for his work. Now, he draws on the hard-earned knowledge from his day job as he embarks on a new career as a novelist. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, Laura and their two dogs – Clyde and Rusty.

Jason Wrubell writes left-handed. When he dropped out of college to join a band, he was the left-handed drummer. After that, he wandered all over, turning his childhood love of storytelling into a career as a freelance writer, producing everything from slogans to short stories, and even slumming it in advertising. Raised on the Great Canadian Prairies, he now lives with his beautiful wife in her hometown of Vienna, Austria, and is completely baffled as to how he ended up so lucky.

Mouse In The Box is available for purchase on Amazon in print and ebook formats.

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