Let’s Meet – Muqdad Hassoo, the Refugee From Iraq Who Became a Football Star

The 21st century has seen the world at war. Since the Second World War, people seeking refuge in Europe is seen to increase with time. The Europeans are known to support taking refugees. Spain, Netherlands and Germany have been the top three European Nations who have accepted the people fleeing from war and violence in their countries. Muqdad Hassoo is a refugee of Iraq who has shifted to Netherlands with his family unable to bear the violence in Iraq. Muqdad Hassoo is a Dutch football player from Kurdish Iraqi origins.

Muqdad Hassoo was born and raised up in Sinjar, a small town in the North East of Iraq. He was living with his family. Iraq is not a country of only the Muslims but a combination of ethnic and religious minorities such as the Chaldo Assyrian and Armenian Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, Kaka’i, Roma and Black Iraqis and many more. Muqdad belongs to the Yazidi community. It is a small ethnic religious minority with its origin from the ancient Mesopotamia. The Yazidi community is well-known for their religious beliefs and therefore has witnessed a lot of persecution and genocides. Muqdad and his family have survived the tough life in Iraq and he hopes to represent the Yazidi community as well as to live his childhood dream of becoming a football player.

After spending his childhood in Iraq upto the age of twelve, Muqdad alongwith his family fled from Iraq early in 2012 just as thousands of other Yazidis did. They reached Netherlands. There he received much support and the process of integration started immediately. He got admitted to the Dutch language school and attended it for almost two years. Thereafter, he further went on studying Sport and Health. He even studied hair styling to become a hairstylist. After his graduation, he got employed in a barber shop in the Netherlands.

He had long dreamt to become a footballer and Netherlands made this dream of Muqdad turn into reality. He started playing after days of arriving to Netherlands. At first, he was a beginner while he played for a club in the Eastern part of the country. Impressed by his performance in football, he was called by John Van Den Brom, former AZ Alkmaar trainer to join their clubs. Muqdad was selected from among 400 football players during a football tournament organized by the Dutch National and ING Bank. It was for the first time where Muqdad met John Van Den Brom, the Dutch footballer. It was like a magic to him as he started his career as a footballer and living this dream till today. He has played at the highest level of semi-proof football in the Netherlands.

Talking to media personalities once, Muqdad said that he has always wanted to play football while he was in Iraq. But he could not fulfill his dream there but this dream has turned into his goal of become a professional in football while he is living in Netherlands. He is hoping to play in one of the top football clubs of Europe. He also talks about a football match between VVO and DVV where he scored his top class winning goal against DVV when he came as a substitute after the break. And it was a game changer for the match which took the match result to 0-1.

Besides his football career, Muqdad dreams of a well-established society for his Yazidi community and hopes for the betterment of it. He always wanted to represent the community and boasts of it too. Muqdad also works as a volunteer at NL Helpt Yezidis, a Dutch Foundation that helps Yezidis. For details about NL Helpt Yezidis one can can log on to www.nlhelptyezidis.com

Follow Muqdad Hassoo on Instagram at https://instagram.com/muqdadhassoo/

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