Leonovus Inc. Files Q3 2021 Financial Results

“As noted in previous communications, our sales strategy has focused on the Canadian federal government (“GOC”) to become the anchor customer. In May 2021, we responded to a major GOC RFP for a secure file transfer solution, which fits our XVault and Smart Filer technology. Over the summer and fall, based on evolving Q&A between the GOC and all bidders, product management prioritized completing several XVault features to create a powerful storage, sharing and transfer solution. The RFP closed on November 8, 2021, and we demonstrated XVault to the GOC on November 17, 2021. The company hopes to successfully move through the next phases of the procurement process, where three companies will eventually receive standing offers. There are no guarantees at this time that Leonovus will be one of the selected solutions to receive a standing offer,” said Michael Gaffney, Chair and CEO, Leonovus Inc. Read More