Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions Emerges as Most Experienced Limb Lengthening Service Provider in Istanbul

Prof. Fatih Arslanoglu and Dr. Mehmet Coskun together does the Cosmetic Limb lengthening surgery to help people feel more secure about their height.

Height is one of the first things between people criticized and judged and during and after puberty which breaks that person’s self-confidence and makes them feel inadequate. 

As per the researchers, when humans reach the age of approximately 18, epiphyseal cartilages in joints get crystallize, and bone length growth stops. After that, there is nothing much people can do about their height.

Thanks to modern medicine and advanced surgical technology, now it is possible to grow 6-8cm (2-3 inches) by cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. Cosmetic Limb lengthening surgery by Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions is one such procedure that successfully addresses the problem of short stature. 

They are currently offering different packages, covering everything from surgery, all tests, private hospital, transportations, medications, accommodation, private physical therapy, and everything in between.

Performed since 1900’s, this orthopedic surgery has been gaining traction for the last 20 years and has become popular among people who want to have it not just for medical cases but also cosmetically to gain self-confidence. Assoc. Prof. Fatih Arslanoglu and Dr. Mehmet Coskun do the surgeries together. They are committed to helping people gain adequate confidence when it comes to Cosmetic Limb lengthening surgery through unparalleled patient care.

The benefit of this surgery is that patients are not required to stay in bed for months. The company assured their patients that they would be able to walk with the assistance of a walker the following day. Typically, a person who gained 3 inches in 3 months can walk normally 5-6 months after surgery and return to sports in 8-12 months. On the other hand, walking normally varies from person to person, depending on height goal, exercise, and healing speed.

Lengthening Turkey Height Solutionscurrently provides two surgical options: LON Type and Precise 2.2 Type. LON is a mechanical system that consists of Titanium intramedullary rods and external devices. The surgeon uses an Allen wrench to lengthen the patient’s height from devices near their legs during this procedure. Once the patient has reached their goal, the external fixators are removed, but the main rods remain locked inside the patient’s bone so that new bone can form around them over time.

PRECICE is a titanium-based fully internal surgery method. Because it is not fully weight-bearing, patients are advised to use a walker with hand support for the first 6 months. Internal rods contain a magnetic engine that can be operated by a remote control unit. In both methods, lengthening begins at 1mm per day one week after surgery.

Turkey Lengthening Height Solutions currently offers three different single surgery package options. The 17-day package is designed for people who are unable to stay for extended periods of time due to work or family obligations. The patient may return to their home country to continue the lengthening process. They must perform their own physical therapy exercises and send follow-up x-rays every 15-20 days. Hotel included and excluded packages are available for people who want to stay in Istanbul for a longer period of time than 3 months.

PRECICE+PRECICE or PRECICE+LON are the two options for double surgery. Prof. Fatih Arslanoglu explained the procedure, saying, “If you have double surgery, you must stay in Istanbul for three months and stay in our hotel under our supervision. Patients who have double surgery packages can achieve 12-14cm in 3 months.”

About Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions

Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions is an Istanbul, Turkey-based medical tourism company that provides cosmetic limb lengthening surgery to patients worldwide. Since 2014, they have treated more than 800 patients who have come to appreciate their warmth, professional integrity, and open communication.

To learn visit https://www.lengtheningturkey.com and follow them on Instagram @limblengtheningturkey.

Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu__n2XCttE

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