How many individuals try to sing a few songs (sometimes quite difficult ones), sound terrible, and then give up, believing that singing is not for them?

Unfortunately, individuals are surrounded by adamant myths that state a person is either born gifted or not, with no room for improvement, causing one to assume that if a person isn’t good at singing from the start, it implies they can’t sing at all.

But consider this: It’s past time to acknowledge that the voice is a musical instrument, one that is both magnificent and intricate. A person or entity cannot perform a Sonata on the piano without first knowing how to play the piano.

Tiziana — Sweden Vocal Lab

“I don’t take voice lessons because I can’t sing,” is a typical sentence heard every day. Consider how this theory might apply to any other musical instrument or activity. Would someone ever say “I don’t take guitar lessons since I can’t play it,” or “I don’t go to the gym because I’m not trained,” or “I don’t go to the gym because I’m not trained.” This would be hysterical. Classes are attended to learn anything, even and especially when a person is unable to do so and is eager to learn from the ground up, and this should not be any different when it comes to singing.

Though it’s true that some people are more gifted than others, there might be a variety of reasons why someone doesn’t reach the pitch or sounds “poor.” And all of these factors boil down to this: this individual just does not know how to use his or her voice. He or she, on the other hand, can learn. Anyone can do it. And this is exactly what good voice lessons are for!

It’s critical to select a vocal teacher with consideration (i.e. rely on an experienced doctor instead of a medical student when sick or learn a sport from a professional instructor instead of a recreational sportsman).

Tiziana — Sweden Vocal Lab

Also, stay away from those who say that it takes months or even years for results to appear, and stay away from others who believe that this is normal. Improvements must be seen (slight, but concrete) after just a few lessons. The notion that a person may become a great vocalist in one month is emphasized, but real results must be observed in comparison to the starting level. It might be a broadening of the range, an increase in pitch, and other observable changes, all at once.

So, if a person enjoys singing, he or she should give it a go. In the worst-case scenario, the person will learn something new about his or her voice and have a wonderful time, but something as lovely as unexpected will emerge and it will be worth it.

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