Essential course in cyber security

This course is one of the most important cyber security courses in Egypt.


In the midst of the spread of cyber attacks on the global level and the electronic hacking against organizations and individuals as well, the need for information security has been increased greatly to achieve the required protection.  Many courses were created targeting those who need to learn cyber security to protect information of the ordinary users to enable them protect their mobile phones, PCs, and network(s). Such courses are simply explained and can be easily understood by ordinary users to overcome the difficulties that normally hinder them from going into this complicated technical field.

This customised course will teach them the know-how elements to secure their devices and network against the increasing invasions and attacks of the hackers.

Saeed Jabr, the Information Security Consultant will help the trainee to put his feet on the path to protect you electronic information through easy-to-use steps and procedures to understand how hackers may attack their devices and how could they hack their personal and business data.

He will conclude this experience through the course and will explain how could he overcome such digital threats.

In the following lines, we will list the course’s objectives and the methods of:

The targeted Cyber ​​Security course.

 The most important objective of our course is to help the trainee develop his skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security through easy lectures include such basics. In line with the development of technology during recent years, cyber security has become one of the most important and most effective tools to encounter the various cyber attacks.


The cyber ​​security  course topics:

 ● Concepts of cyber security.

 ● Basics of Cyber ​​Security

 ● Principles of Cryptography.

 ● Knowing the gaps and threats and knowing the ability to confront them.

 ● Confidential documents.

 ● Cyber ​​attacks

 ● How to achieve security for e-mail and various methods of communications.

 ● Mobile phone security.

 ● Social engineering.

 ● Electronic attacks & hacking


About the course lecturer

Saeed Jaber, IT Engineer, began his career as Information Security Expert after been awarded a master’s degree with honors and several international titles on information security field. He is involved with securing data and the various methods to protect it from the digital threats. Saeed Jabr is a prominent consultant in this field owed to his deep experience in Cyber Security education.

Saeed Jabr won several academic certificates from local and international universities and institutions, including; information security expert certificate from Kernel iOS University in 2020, an information security expert certificate from in 2021, a Microsoft MCSA certificate from Microsoft Company in 2019, and an MCSE certificate from Microsoft in 2019 In addition to a master’s degree certificate from Department of Information Security – 2012, beside some other courses with certificates in cyber security.

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