Learn About Radhaa Nilia’s Latest Book Release, ‘Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™’

Today we meet with Radhaa Nilia, Best Selling Author, Goddess Expert, and Holistic Publisher. Her latest book, Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™, was just released on January 22, 2022. Pillars of Light is based on Radhaa’s original modality, Goddess Activations™, which she teaches at Goddess Code Academy™, a mystical school for the divine feminine.

Radhaa, a leading authority on Goddess Archetypes, uses these very Archetypes to support women, find their voice, activate their purpose, and heal on the deepest heart and soul levels. Radhaa invited women who have experienced Goddess Activations™, letting them share their transformational stories with the Goddess. Radhaa’s saying, “healing is an art from the heart’ as she’s been on her healing journey, unraveling beliefs that no longer serve her; through the process, she’s been certified in over a dozen modalities. Today, we sat down to have a conversation with Radhaa to learn more about her latest book, Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™.

How did you become an expert in Goddess Archetypes? 

The Goddess has been with me my whole life. Even before I was born, my parents named me after RadhaKrsna, Goddess of Love and Devotion. As romantic as that sounds, the deeper meaning is devotion to the Divine, devotion to my life’s calling and mission. I’ve had a lifelong cosmic love affair with the Goddess in her many forms. SHE has been there for me when I call upon HER. As a child, my mom took me to the Goddess temples and introduced me to the Goddesses. In my early childhood, my mom left America. She took me to the very top of the Cordillera Mountains in the Philippines to live with the natives when I was three and a half years old. There, I met Goddess Gaia herself and learned that a Goddess of nature named Maria Makiling is in all nature. I lived knowing nature has been created for nature lovers and me. In these mountains, I felt the Spirit of the Goddess all around me. The people of these lands are natural lovers of nature, and they would say Papa Sky, Momma Earth. God Sky, Goddess Earth. To me, this place was Heaven on Earth. Unspoiled lands, no distortion or corruption had touched this land at that time. The indigenous people welcomed my mother and I with open arms. I feek truly blessed to have experienced the purest meaning of universal love and the abundance of nature. I am grateful for that pure, innocent experience. No matter what I went through in my life, I knew I could always come back to this knowledge as it was imprinted within my very being. The Igorots gave me a boon, a blessing as a child, that no matter what kind of challenges I would endure, I would always have the Spirit of the Sovereign Warrior.

Has your life had adversity, and when does adversity turn into alchemy?

I felt uprooted regularly and picked apart by all my new teachers and the kids because starting over and over at new schools is never easy. By the time I got to high school, I had stopped trying to fit in with kids my age. I started going to college taking elective classes that I wanted. Filmmaking and memoir writing classes. I could not believe how much more at home I felt with these older people than the kids at my school. I was particularly drawn to the Crones. Crone medicine heals. I felt so much comfort and love in their presence, and I learned so much from them. I loved their stories so much in the class that I had to get them on film. I ended up doing a documentary called “women in love.” I saw the Goddess in each woman, and I honored the Goddess in every woman. Life is meant to have adversity, and we are meant to rise from it. Over and over again. 

Why do you feel that the Goddess is so important at this time?

I believe in the power of the divine feminine. As you can see, divine feminine essence is needed now more than ever in our world. In ancient times, there were Goddess Priestess Temples around the world. Most Goddess Temples have been destroyed, along with their teachings and the initiations that went with them. My Dharma is to restore the integrity of the Goddesses. It is part of my Dharma to bring back Goddess energy to this planet and share this with all women ready to receive it through the Goddess Activations™. Through this work, we balance the scales and bring back the true essence of the divine feminine through Goddess Activations™. Intuitively, I knew it was essential to bring back the original blueprint of the “Pillars of Feminine Light” through the Goddess Activations™. I teach Goddess Archetypes to my students in my certification program and work with them. This program focuses on nurturing and empowering the feminine through this powerful transformation program using my method, Goddess Activations. This is vital in awakening all aspects of the feminine. My coaching and mentorship program for women is for those ready to dive deep into this sacred realm of the Goddesses and its Activations™. It is essential to learn about the various Goddesses and who they are, their offerings, and their power. One can learn how to alchemize through this modality. My mission is to further bring this work to millions of women worldwide through Goddess Code Academy™: A Mystical School for the Divine Feminine and the home of Goddess Activations™.

Can you tell us more about Goddess Code Academy™?

Simply put, the Goddess Code Academy™ is the online temple for the Divine Feminine. Women who walk through these temple pillars receive soul medicine through the programs offered. It’s set up for self-paced learning and healing programs, holistic practitioner training and certifications, and those who desire intensive one-to-one mentorships such as the one-year Goddess Activations™ program. There is truly something for everyone at Goddess Code Academy™. The Goddess Activations™ is an invitation to fall in love with yourself all over again. When you learn this sacred healing modality, you become a Certified Goddess Activator™. You are meant to be the woman of your dreams and be a Goddess Activator healer for others as well. I’ve had many women tell me how this work has brought them back to feeling confident, in touch with themselves, and their feminine ancestors as it is a part of themselves, awakened after many dormant years or lifetimes to their true nature – the divine feminine. During the twelve months of learning the Goddess Archetypes, one gets to know the qualities of a particular Goddess archetype, learns how to work with each archetype, and gets maximum results and benefits. It provides a holistic understanding of healing oneself and others inspired by becoming.

Can you explain the Goddess Activations™ modality? 

Goddess Activations™ is a living light energy transmission, filled with pure Goddess Code™ frequencies. It is different from any other healing modality I’ve ever experienced. Being a Certified Advanced Teacher and Practitioner of over a dozen healing modalities, I always felt something was missing. So I kept going, more training, more certifications, and six figures later, I was awakened to the missing link. The Goddess Activations™ was presented repeatedly in my clients’ sessions. Specific Goddess energy would show up. I would ask the client if bringing in this Goddess Archetype was ok. And that is how it all started. My sessions became much more effective, and the results were nothing less than miraculous. Over a decade ago, Goddess Activations™ was born working with women in my private healing practice in Hollywood Hills. Goddess Activations™ has been trademarked to protect the integrity of this sacred work. This work is not fluffy by any means, and it should be honored because it is truly divine. Integrity is a big part of this work, and I intend to keep Goddess Activations™ protected.

How did Goddess Activations™ modality come about?

Goddess Activations™ is an original healing modality, and it came to me in 2007. Still, I started to share it in the following years. It is the missing link in healing the feminine at the deepest heart and soul level. As the pillars of divine feminine light, a pure Shaki Energy essence is its foundation, the divine primordial Shakti cosmic consciousness that moves through the entire Universe. One that we were all originally connected to. It is important now more than ever to get back in alignment with the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Some women come for ONE Powerful Session, while others join 3-6 month programs or one year to experience the depth of multiple Goddess Activations™. When taking the one-year-long program, it’s a container for the student to master various Goddesses. This year-long program is truly a sacred experience where students will walk through Eleven Gateways and activate Eleven pillars of light. Each month, one Goddess Activations™ is presented. Students receive the teachings, healings, activations, and training holistically. Students will receive a Goddess Activators™ Practitioner Certification and a Holistic Healer Certification at the end of the program. They are well on their way to start their journey as Holistic Healers, as Goddess Activators™ Practitioner. My greatest passion is to teach my students this vital information. I believe that whatever you love, money will follow, and I make an income doing so. It’s a win-win for both the practitioner and her clients. I know these times have been challenging personally and the collective rights of the Soul. That is why I feel so passionate about bringing Goddess wisdom into women’s lives. We have this great opportunity to create shifts for the future and the coming generations as we do the work. In Shamanism, it’s understood that the traumas are passed down seven generations. But so is the healing. I am a big believer in clearing these traumas. To me, this is how we start shifting the world. It all comes back to ourselves, as within, so without. As above, so below. I truly came to this planet to share these Goddess Codes. And it would be my honor to share them with you.

Can you tell us about the book Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™?

There are 17 Goddess Archetypes where each contributing writer triumphantly succeeded in sharing deeply moving and alchemical stories. I admire the depths these women go in sharing raw revelations, relatable experiences, and hard-earned lessons that I found enriching. This gem is an eye-opener for anyone interested in learning more about Goddess Archetypes. A book that will take you on various new rides through mythological realms of the Goddess in her many firms and faces. The book keeps coming back to the Goddess Activations’ work and the awe-inspiring women who bring us some of the most profound stories of transformation. This book is highly recommended to readers interested in awakening their inner Goddess, discovering Goddess Archetypes, and knowing that healing is always possible.

Grab a signed copy from me right HERE: https://radhaanilia.net/shop/, or these other outlets. Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/3rvVP1z or Walmart: https://bit.ly/3nyrBde.

What are your previous and upcoming books?

My past books are Quan Yin Goddess Activations™ Healing Workbook, Awakening Starseed Series: Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions, Vol. 1, Awakening Starseeds: Stories Beyond The Stargate, Vol. 2. These books are all out now.  My team and I are currently curating some collaborative books that we welcome those who feel the call to join. Find upcoming collaborative books you can be a part of, and you can find all the info HERE: https://bit.ly/3AZP1wo.

We love to hear from you! Writing books is a great way to connect with your audience and find your soul tribe. If you’d like to be in any upcoming books, we welcome you to reach out: www.RadhaaPublishingHouse.com.

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