Leading Internet Phone Providers Have Released Their Industry Predictions for 2023


It’s never too early to get business teams ready for upcoming trends, and Internet phone providers are one step ahead with their 2023 predictions.

Columbus, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 09/21/2022 — The VoIP industry has only gotten hotter throughout 2022, and according to Globe Newswire, next year it’s looking like the industry will exceed $50 billion. This is why internet phone providers are ramping up their strategies for 2023 right now, because being on the cutting edge of communication solutions can bring huge revenue streams throughout the next 12 months or so.

Everyone seems to be investing heavily in wireless technologies right now, and below are more VoIP trends to keep in mind as business teams begin preparing for next year!

AI Is becoming A Major Part Of Customer Services

Artificial intelligence truly is everywhere these days to the point that it has truly become a part of everyday life. The business phone system industry is also embracing AI as a way for business leaders to invest in their own sales automation.

Start-ups and corporations alike are adopting AI, and this trend is sure to extend into 2023. Callers are now more accustomed to communicating with AI bots, so it’s not as jarring as it once was in the past. This helps businesses cut down on overhead costs and still keep their customer experience as a top priority.

More Intelligent VoIP Assistants

This still applies to AI, but it’s important for business leaders to understand the advancements that have happened with VoIP assistants in 2022. Today, nearly 40% of all online users utilize a digital assistant on a weekly basis, so it’s safe to say that voice assistants will continue to dominate in 2023.

Language processing is one of the major intellectual advancements within this niche, and business leaders can now expect their VoIP assistants to be smarter and sense different dialects and languages for international business communication. So the potential truly is limitless when it comes to the capabilities of virtual assistants!

UCaaS Is The Future

All of our modern communication systems will be switched into the Cloud in due time, so it’s important for business leaders to embrace cloud-based phone systems and figure out how they can make these strategies as cost-effective as possible before the prices of these services inevitably increases.

UCaaS (unified communications as a service) has grown exponentially in 2022, and now businesses are figuring out that their UC platforms need to be upgraded in order to remain on the cutting edge of audio, video and data management. One reason why UCaaS is growing is because people understand how safe these systems are when it comes to data breaches, disaster recoveries and all sorts of continuity needs.

Mobile Unified Communications Will Continue To Rise

Mobile VoIP systems are changing the landscape of the American workplace, and this is because more and more businesses are embracing remote working. In 2022, a lot of companies shut down their brick-and-mortar locations and went entirely remote, and this trend is only going to continue in 2023.

Having mobile unified communications strategies helps businesses with their overall efficiency, which subsequently provides the type of competitive edge that most companies desire.

Businesses In All Industries Need To Begin Preparing For 2023’s Q1 Now!

The idea of the Business New Year’s Resolution starting in January is a thing of the past, because business leaders in all industries need to begin preparing for upcoming years during Q4.

2022 proved that VoIP solutions are the future of how we live our lives and conduct business on a daily basis, and companies of all types need to begin preparing their investments with Internet phone providers to get their features geared up and ready to go as 2023 approaches!

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