LBank Listed on the Clecoin (CLE) Global Exchange of the CLEBUS Foundation

On the 10th, the CLEBUS Foundation stated that it will list Clecoin (CLE) on LBank, which is a global exchange.         

As a cryptocurrency exchange of Singapore, which was established in October 2017, LBank is a global exchange that provides the digital asset transactions, the investments, and the financial technology service, which are safe, professional, and convenient to the members in the whole world.  At the present, the number of the members who are registered at the exchange at the present, is over 3 million people.  And the daily amount of the transactions reaches 180 million dollars.  And it has been maintaining the ranking of from top 10 to top 20 in the coin market cap.

The CLEBUS Foundation has been stating that it is anticipated that, taking the listing on the LBank Global Exchange as the opportunity, the domain of the global business inside the CLEBUS Project ecosystem will be expanded even more.  And it has been stating that it has been making the assurance doubly sure in the preparations, too, for the 2nd and 3rd listings for the stable supply of the Clecoins (CLE’s) to more holders.

A related source at the CLEBUS Foundation stated that, for the very first time as a private corporation, a KPGA title sponsorship contract, which was the very first for a corporation in the blockchain and NFT field, was concluded on the 2nd.  And, regarding the CLEBUS Open, as a professional golf game with the total prize of the size of 500 million won, while proceeding from October 27, 2022 until October 30, 2022.  And the related source stated that it will be broadcasted through JTBC.  Also, at the LBank Global Exchange, it publicly announced that it is planning to issue the CLEBUS Open NFT product to 200 people through a listing event. 

The CLEBUS Foundation had introduced that, regarding the NFT Market Platform, which has been prepared with the brand ‘CLEBUS-X’, based on the hybrid decentralizing system, through a technology called ‘Stay Pending’, by solving the gas cost that takes place in the process of the transaction, the user’s cost is reduced.  And, by managing a premium auction service, it is planned to introduce an open market, too, in which the creators and the consumers transact freely.  And, for the securing of the excellent IP’s (intellectual property rights), it had introduced that it will proceed with the MOU’s in the diverse fields, including the sports, the real estates, the media, the arts, the games, etc.

Not only that, it has the opening of the CLEBUS-META, which makes the sharing and the transaction of the value possible by connecting all of this technological ability with the super-connected meta ecosystem ahead of it.

Chairman Koo, Gyo-seong of the CLEBUS Foundation stated, “I expect that we will grow to become a global corporation together with the slogan of ‘LIFE TO EARN’, regarding which everyone in the whole world can participate, enjoy, and produce a profit.”

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