Renovating the bathroom is an exciting and challenging procedure at the same time. It is often considered that bathroom renovation mainly involves the tubs, shower, wall textured paints or tiling and flooring, ignoring the bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity is a piece of furniture that can define the actual bathroom design. Your bathroom design can be considered complete with your best and most compatible bathroom vanities.

A bathroom vanity is a central piece that has the potential to enhance or diminish your bathroom’s overall design. Besides providing style to your area, these can act as the most functional part of the bathroom, improving functionality by giving ample storage. Finding the best bathroom vanities, from traditional to modern styles, is crucial for your renovation ideas. Whether you want to bring the aesthetics or increase the storage space, the different bathroom vanity ideas transform your areas from basic to the most stylish and functional; regardless of the size of your location, you can opt for these bathroom vanity ideas.

Pick the space-saving bathroom vanity.

If you are out of a large space option and have a compact bathroom area, you should go for space-saving bathroom vanities. Space-salinities could be small and come with various space-saving options, such as a corner-design bathroom vanity or a vessel sink. The  Selena Mona White Single Sink Bathroom Vanity is a stunning small-size bathroom vanity that perfectly balances elegance and space-saving functionality. Coated with a white finish, having multiple drawers efficiently enhance the functionality and style of your tight areas.

Consider the floating bathroom vanity to get a more attractive bathroom theme.

While designing the small to medium size bathroom areas, consider the floating bathroom vanity options and create a sense of spaciousness and modern elegance. When a floating vanity is mounted on the wall, this type of vanity provides a visually clean look by leaving the floor space. To add a touch of contemporary style, Veneto DUE is the ideal option. Despite being 32 inches in size, hanging this vanity in medium bathrooms allows you to achieve all the necessary functions.  Pair it with a sleek mirror and lighting fixtures for a clean and minimalist appearance.

Add a vibrant statement with a coloured bathroom vanity.

For upgrading the bathroom renovation game to the highest level, a coloured bathroom vanity is the right option. Whether you like a bold or soft hue, a coloured vanity can instantly transform the space. Bring a pop of colour into your bathroom by hanging the Selena Luca Green Bathroom Vanity. To enhance this vanity’s beauty, mount it against the different pattern wallpaper or a single, compatible colour-coated wall. Its single sink provides ample room for your daily beauty routine, while the cabinet offers storage space for all your products.

Pick a sleek and contemporary style.

Vanity units are available in various shapes and styles. From coastal retreat to a glamorous charm, you can serve your area with different styles of bathroom vanities; when you have other options, why not pick a bathroom vanity that is sleek and complementary? Take a modern look into your bath areas with the Babylon Hira Vanity.  The floating yet simple style creates an illusion of space and a contemporary appearance, making it ideal for large and small bathrooms. Its clean lines and white finish make this vanity a central toilet unit with storage compartments to keep your beauty products organised and easily accessible.

Pick the right size bathroom vanity.

To make your area practically and aesthetically significant, it is necessary to choose the right size of bathroom vanity. The size of the bathroom vanity depends on the available space in your bath areas. For small-size bathrooms, opt for compact bathroom vanities that could be corner-style bathroom vanity or floating-style vanity sets to enhance the appearance of a small space. For master rooms, a double sink bathroom vanity is the ideal option. However, choose a custom bathroom vanity set if your area has specific dimensions.

Consider double bathroom vanity for a master bathroom aesthetic.

A double-sink vanity is a practical and stylish choice for shared bathrooms and large families. Moreover, if you prefer more countertop space to put daily routine products or some decoration pieces, a 72-inch double bathroom vanity is an ideal addition. It allows two people to utilise the vanity simultaneously, offering stress-free morning routines.  Experience the luxurious feel with the Ayasofya Bathroom Vanity. This magnificent vanity’s spacious design and striking green colour symbolise elegance. With a built-in makeup vanity and a double sink, this bathroom is fit for a couple.

Pick the industrial style to embrace an urban style.

If you want to add an industrial style to your bath area, the industrial bathroom vanity is the right option. To bring an edgy and modern atmosphere, you need to get a vanity with metal frames and wood countertops. For enhancing the charm of an industrial bathroom vanity, pair this with industrial-inspired lighting fixtures and hardware. No matter your bath area size, you can make an elegant statement with such bathroom vanities while achieving ample storage.

Consider the grey finish to create a timeless atmosphere.

While renovating the bathroom, adding a neutral colour bathroom vanity is the best idea. The neutral colour in the bath area always goes right. To create a classic appearance, you can add different colour fixtures to your bathroom, like golden and silver. Create a serene and timeless atmosphere with the Selena Sara Gray Bathroom Vanity. A vanity with a classic grey finish, double sinks, and ample storage space is suitable for creating a welcoming atmosphere. While standing in your bath area could become a focal point of your bathroom and the most attractive part for your guests. Decor this perfectly designed bathroom vanity with modern style mirror and lighting fixtures.

Simple and streamlined solutions

If you love simplicity and don’t want to add vibrant colours, then a bathroom vanity with simple and clean lines is ideal. To make such a bathroom design, you can bring a light shade of bathroom vanities, including white and grey. You can choose the bathroom vanity with a matte finish. Bring the modern minimalistic appeal to your bath areas with the Veneto DUE Matte Vanity. With a floating and sleek design, it can enhance the style of your site. The beautiful matte dust grey colour displays sophistication in your bath areas and creates a clean environment.

Use a combination of open and closed shelving.

When you choose an open and closed bathroom vanity, then it considers a clever bathroom vanity idea. This allows the user to achieve dual functionality from the single bathroom vanity. With such vanities, you can make your area clutter-free and organised while displaying your favourite decoration pieces.  On the other hand, you can also use the bathroom vanity shelves to place your bathroom towels and baskets. This dual-function bathroom vanity allows you to get multiple benefits simultaneously. It is the best solution for small to large size bath areas.

Hang the vanity with a matching backsplash

Mostly you mount the vanity in your previously designed bathrooms, and you might get a bathroom vanity without a matching backsplash. In this way, you might need to buy separate matching or compatible backsplash. Now you can find the bathroom vanities with a matching backsplash mainly made of the same material as the vanity countertop. Installing the matching backsplash will bring a uniform and consistent appearance to your bath areas.

Renovating your bathroom into a luxurious and functional space can start with picking the right vanity. Whatever style you prefer, an industrial, modern, or traditional design, for bathroom vanities, our 11 bathroom vanity ideas offer a range of styles that will defiantly transform your area into your desired theme. Make sure to pick the right size, colour and shape. However, if you need any guidance, our expert team is always available to guide you in transforming your bath area into your dream bathroom.

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