Lack of Parental Control Could Destroy Families in Iran

Our children want to grow up normally. Do not deny their right to a safe childhood.
Google and Apple’s filtering of their parental control apps in their appstores in Iran are deplorable.

We all know that the internet is a fantastic tool for educating, entertaining, and helping kids stay connected with their friends. But there are corners of the web you’d rather they stayed out of, and people you’d rather they didn’t engage with.

That’s where parental controls come in. You can feel better about giving your kids online freedom when you keep an eye on what they’re doing. If you’re serious about keeping your kids safe online, you need an arsenal of parental controls.The benefits of parental controls are clear.

They provide peace of mind to parents by protecting children from the perils of online access. They can function to dramatically reduce the likelihood that children will be exposed to inappropriate images or videos as well as online predators. They can function as a surrogate parent by shutting down access at a given time.

They can protect your child from themselves by limiting their ability to make bad choices. Parents can feel better about giving their kids online freedom when they keep an eye on what their kids are doing.

There have been many unfortunate disturbing videos showing children aged 10 to 13 performing heinous and vile acts circulating on the internet and accessible for all including children that have left me and many others, disturbed.

The scenario is all too familiar; parents are busy with work, and often too tired to engage with their children. Nobody has the time to explain why the earth is round. All that takes is a Google search with thousands of results happy to answer that. The child’s joy knows no bounds.

There is no need to seek answers from parents who would give half-interesting acknowledgements when the internet will respond and even give extra suggestions. The question is: what else flirts with the child’s mind? It is no secret that children are curious cats.

When their questions are unanswered, they will find answers elsewhere. While the internet provides a questionable source of knowledge, one begins to wonder just how much knowledge a child should be exposed to from there.

There is often a lack of judgement and danger awareness that only comes with age and experience. Is a life-damaging exploit going to be the wake-up call for Apple and Google to stop filtering their parental control apps in Iran?

Apple and Google need to realize that they are only hurting families and aiding criminals by not allowing Iranians to download their respective parental control apps.

As Iranian parents, we implore Google and Apple to help us raise our kids safely just like you would raise yours in the United States.

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