La Peseta (PTA), a Potential Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022 for Long-Term

Marbella, Spain – March 4, 2022 – La Peseta (PTA) is a Successful Decentralized Finance Project That Brought Back the Historic Spanish Peseta.

March 2022 is the right moment to invest in La Peseta (PTA), a new decentralized finance project that resurrects Spain’s historic currency in the form of a highly-sought crypto-token:

The Spanish transition from the peseta to the euro in 2002 was more than a simple switch in currency. For Spaniards who took immense pride in the history and antiquity of their national currency, the switch marked the end of a 134-year strong Spanish tradition.

Despite the ability to exchange Pesetas for Euros following the switch, the number of pesetas that remained un-exchanged by 2011 was estimated to be close to 1.7 billion euros— a clear sign that the Peseta remained in the hearts of many Spaniards even 9 years post-transition to the euro.

An even clearer sign was the rapid growth and investment in peseta-themed digital currencies just weeks after the Spanish Central Bank stopped accepting the peseta for exchange, in June 2021. One digital currency:  La Peseta (PTA) debuted as a force to be reckoned with in the global crypto-market, gaining features on top crypto websites such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko and increasing in value by a whopping 120,000% over the course of a single week in December 2021. La Peseta is forecasted to keep growing exponentially in 2022 – 2023, making it an opportune time for new investors to jump aboard.

The visionaries behind La Peseta (PTA) aim to invigorate Spaniards with the hope, passion, and patriotism that Spain’s historic peseta inspires, whilst providing users with a modern and technologically superior way of conducting daily payments and business.

Personally, as a Cryptocurrency Financial Analyst: “I believe investing in La Peseta (PTA) is to invest in Spanish culture and business”. La Peseta (PTA) will become in the next years an important cryptocurrency to be traded and as a payment way used between Spanish and international companies and finally a daily citizens payment mode in whole Spain.

By employing a token-based system, La Peseta guarantees holders rewards and enables the digital currency to grow continuously without relying on mega-investors.

Every single purchase, sale, or transfer of La Peseta (PTA) charges a 10% commission, of which 5% Rewards is shared among La Peseta (PTA) holders and the remaining 5% is directed to the liquidity pool to increase and protect the value of the token.

La Peseta (PTA) tokens re 47 trillion to be precise— a poetic homage to the population of Spain, which fluctuates around 47 million. Of these, 79% are circulating.

Expansion plans for 2022 include the launch of high-engagement social media marketing campaigns, listing on more crypto-market websites, and expansion into the international markets to reach Europe, The United States, and Asia.

By the end of 2022, La Peseta (PTA) would like to reach 100,000 holders.

Mobile Apps and digital payment systems that will allow holders to make transactions without a personal wallet are under construction, set to pilot at the end of the year.

La Peseta is available for trade on several platforms including PancakeSwap, DexGuru, DexTools, Poocoin, and Latoken.

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