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Thin and light notebooks and related categories

Actually, there are three main branches in the recommendation of thin and light notebooks: ultrabooksbusiness notebooks, and 2-in-1 notebooks.

Ultrabook: An ultra-thin version, many have achieved a thickness of 1.5cm and a thickness of less than 1.2kg, and there are many two-in-one notebook computers. The battery life is the biggest advantage, but most of the screens are small, and the configuration is sacrificed. Many performances are more suitable for simple office environments, such as doing excel and PPT.

Business notebook: A business notebook is a kind of notebook computer biased towards business and work. Compared with ultrabooks, it has apparent advantages in interface expansion and performance. In particular, many USB and monitor interfaces have been added, which are convenient for business presentations and suitable for various. To improve the work, the configuration has added a stronger display, but there is a certain loss of battery life compared to the ultrabook.

2 in 1 laptop: Combining the advantages of traditional notebooks and portable tablets, This laptop is lightweight and easy to carry and can be freely transformed in various occasions such as the office, home, and outdoors to adapt to multiple user environments. It realizes the full-featured application of traditional notebooks and at the same time has the entertainment experience of tablet computers. One device has the characteristics of both types of products.

This article is divided into three categories.

1、The official definition of thin and light Book

2、Introduction to the business book

3、The Definition and Benefits of a 2-in-1 Laptop

1-  The official definition of thin and light Book

Intel launched the ultra-thin notebook market in 2011 when it established a $300 million market fund to promote thin and light as the new standard in modern notebook design. The goal is to achieve an extremely thin and light design concept with the following criteria:

A low-voltage Core-i U-series CPU with 5 to 8 hours of battery life
Solid State Drive (SSD) recommended
Eliminate unnecessary slots/ports
It is recommended to use a full external (One-Spindle) design, cancel the optical drive in the shape design
Limit the weight to half the weight of a typical computer – 1.4kg
Limit thickness not more than 20mm

Basic requirements:

Better screen: 1080P, 60hz
Narrower bezel: Smaller volume has more viewing area
Stronger battery capacity: longer Xuhang time
Quick charging function: short-term rapid charging
Lighter case: under 1.4kg

Higher requirements:

Lighter charging interface
Screen with higher color gamut (SRGB100%) 2K screen has larger working area
Graphics cards above MX250 can improve external display capabilities
Regular battery life is longer > 8 hours

Regarding thin and light notebooks, KUU recommends KUU-YOBOOK M and KUU-SBOOK M-2.



Purchase link: 

YOBOOK M: https://www.kuu-tech.com/product/kuu-yobookm-laptop.html


Purchase link: 


M-2: https://www.kuu-tech.com/product/kuu-sbookm-13-3-inch-fhd-screen-laptop.html

2 – Introduction to the business book

For business laptops, the company would like to introduce these KUU models: KUU-YOBOOK PRO, KUU-A8S PR, KUU-FLEXONES.

1)KUU-YOBOOK PRO,13.5-inch business laptop with Intel N4120 CPU, support fingerprint unlock, backlit keyboard, all metal shell.


Purchase link: 

YOBOOK PRO: https://www.kuu-tech.com/product/kuu-yobook-pro-laptop.html

2)KUU-A8S PRO,15.6-inch business laptop with Intel J4125 CPU, 8GB RAM+256GB SSD, dual-band WIFI.

Purchase link: 

A8S PRO: https://www.kuu-tech.com/product/kuu-a8s-pro-laptop.html

3)KUU-FLEXONES,14.1 inch business laptop i3-1115G4 CPU, 8GB RAM+512GB SSD PCIE, dual-band WIFI. Can be flipped 360°.

Purchase link: 

FLEXONES: https://www.kuu-tech.com/kuu-flexones-laptop.html

3- The Definition and Benefits of a 2-in-1 Laptop

2-in-1 laptop: Portable laptop has the following advantages:

1- Longer battery life – 2-in-1 laptops can be better than most notebook products and tablet products on the market in terms of battery life. It uses low-power hardware to improve battery life; on the other hand, 2-in-1 notebooks are conditionally equipped with batteries in the tablet and keyboard parts, thereby increasing their battery capacity. Therefore, the two-in-one notebook has an advantage in terms of battery life.

2- Better heat dissipation – At present, most notebook computers use fan heat dissipation, which not only increases the negative number of batteries but also generates a certain amount of noise when the fan rotates. In contrast, the two-in-one notebook uses passive heat dissipation; that is, The internal heat is dissipated through the fuselage, which not only effectively avoids dust accumulation but also has zero noise during use because there is no fan. Hence, the heat dissipation performance is better.

3- Improved convenience – Traditional notebook computers are more and more difficult to meet the requirements of portability due to their poor portability and short battery life; while 2-in-1 products are further compressed in terms of weight, they can even be taken when a large amount of text input is not required. The lower keyboard is used alone, further enhancing its portability.

KUU-LEBOOK PRO,12.6-inch 2-in-1 laptop i7-8550U CPU, 16GB RAM+512GB SSD PCIE, with capacitive pen, gray keyboard, dual-band WIFI.


Purchase link:


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