KULR Technology Shares Higher After $55 Million Funding, Metaverse Deal, and New Lockheed-Martin Contract Inspire Interest ($KULR)

KULR Technology Group (NYSE-AMER: KULR, $KULR) shares are 8% higher than a week ago. And the excellent news is that plenty of company-generated firepower can justify the move. In fact, KULR has announced several impressive deals of late, and each by design and substance should strengthen the revenue-generating trajectory of KULR in the back half of 2022. 

But it’s not only about the deals made with industry giants. KULR is also better positioned than ever to accelerate them from a funding agreement providing up to $55 million to help expedite growth and streamline operations. Thus with deals and cash in place, a surge in revenues from just its known contracts can come sooner than later. 

And after expanding its market reach to include potentially massive opportunities from the developing Metaverse sector, investors looking for valuation disconnects between share price and intrinsic value need to look no further than KULR. KULR’s gap may be too big to ignore.

But more important to the valuation thesis is that KULR has an ample pipeline to sustain a deserved increase in share value. And with multiple shots on revenue goals and most already generating revenues, investors are taking notice. 

Deal With E-One Moli

The most recent is an announced working partnership with E-One Moli. That deal scored KULR an initial order for over 75-megawatt hours of Li-ion battery cell capacity from Taiwan’s E-One Moli Energy Corporation (Molicel) to design and build battery applications with the highest safety ratings. In addition, as part of the strategic relationship, KULR is queued to purchase over 700MWh of battery energy capacity to accelerate its production and supply chain localization initiatives within North America. It’s a big deal that can get even bigger, and here’s why.

Molicel, a subsidiary of publicly traded Taiwan Cement (1101.TW), is a leading innovator in the Li-ion battery industry for over four decades and has focused on developing the high-power cylindrical cell segment as a top-tier global supplier. The excellent news for KULR is that the deal likely opens new opportunities in addition to aligning them with a world-class manufacturer of high-performance rechargeable Li-ion cells and battery pack products. Remember, Molicel is the first organization in the world to produce high-power Li-Ion cells for high discharge rate applications, including the world’s first Li-Ion power tool system. They also supplied the first NASA Spacesuit Li-Ion battery on the STS-133 mission. 

KULR is indeed bullish on the partnership. CEO Michael Mo said, “This collaboration ensures that KULR has access to world-class Li-ion battery capacity – an increasingly scarce resource given today’s global supply chain challenges. As a total battery safety platform solution provider, we will incorporate our core technologies into battery pack design, testing, and production to create the safest batteries for high-value applications.” 

He added, “This is an inflection point for KULR as it positions our thermal safety solutions platform to become better entrenched in the marketplace, ultimately providing us with an opportunity to optimize logistics and to more effectively capture full value for our shareholders. As we described earlier this year, we plan to continue investing in the localization of our production and supply chain to North America. Securing this Molicel battery cell supply accelerates our ability to provide total solutions to high-value customer applications with revenue potential that could exceed $350 million.”

That deal can be a revenue-generating game changer. But so can others. 

Follow-On Deal From Lockheed Martin

Validating prior work, KULR announced receiving a follow-on order for its space-developed phase change material (“PCM”) heat sink technology from leading aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT). KULR’s Phase change material heat sink technology reduces system temperature excursions and extends the life of critical components within the thermal storage process. 

KULR highlighted that its solution is most useful for compact and high-performance devices that require bursts of computational power in short time intervals. And because its PCM heat sink technology is compact, reliable, and lightweight, it has been utilized by U.S. aerospace and defense leaders. Of course, repeat business is a testament to product strength. 

But it also shows the ability of KULR to engineer, test, and design products with capabilities that meet stringent requirements, including, in this case, those needed in long-range weapon systems. But LTM may be just the initial client leaning on KULR’s expertise. 

Others are also likely to embrace KULR’s years of experience designing lightweight and durable heat sink technologies, setting KULR up well to capture an additional share of the thermal design market for military precision strike weapons. Lockheed Martin could provide plenty of reputation referrals to make that happen. 

That’s not all creating and exposing near-term value.

KULR Enters The Metaverse

A recent deal that could add exponentially to revenue growth is its deal to supply proprietary carbon-fiber solutions essential in producing the core components in groundbreaking nerve sensor technology to develop parts of the Metaverse. This technology is more than an accent contribution, with coverage suggesting these sensors could represent the future of navigating digital environments and provide a new and preferred approach to using virtual reality to navigate the internet.

It’s a deal that also appears to align KULR with another global business giant. While the client is unnamed in its release, speculation is that it’s indeed a company leading the Metaverse movement, perhaps even Meta ($FB). Although that’s also speculation, with KULR describing the deal as one made with a “multinational technology conglomerate,” in any case, it creates a relationship with an industry giant to benefit from an industry likely worth trillions before the end of the decade. 

Some of those opportunities may already be in play. Moreover, in addition to this deal opening KULR up to other potentially lucrative collaborations with original equipment manufacturers in the Metaverse sector, it strengthens KULR’s reputation in adjacent industry spaces, potentially creating new revenue streams in the process.

Still, while the Metaverse sector puts substantial shots on revenue-generating goals into play over the next few quarters and years, KULR is doing plenty to create shareholder value in the real world. 

Continuing Work With NASA 

KULR continues to work closely with NASA to help develop specialized battery safety technology. Its most recent announced agreement has KULR assisting in developing battery safety parts in the space agency’s Artemis program, the newest U.S.-led international manned spaceflight program. KULR has already been processing upwards of 10,000 lithium-ion battery cells weekly. 

Like others, that deal could help create additional client interest. In fact, with other agencies and private-sector companies advancing controlled spaceflight programs, such as the Department of Defense (DoD), SpaceX ($TSLA), and Blue Horizon ($AMZN), KULR could attract business as being a vital player in a sector where reputation and proof of concept matters. With KULR “continuing” its work with NASA, catching a positive reference may not be difficult. 

Speaking of the DoD, KULR announced new contracts with their prime contractors to assist in developing new covert weaponries. These projects use the company’s carbon fiber cathode solutions, enabling the advancements of projects in high-power magnetic and pulse weaponries.

Like others, these affiliated deal helps strengthen KULR’s reputation as the go-to vendor for specialized products and services related to battery safety and energy storage. Not only that, as a development partner in several hard-to-reach programs, KULR stands to earn and participate in follow-on contracts and programs. So, while the here and now puts growth in play, the pipeline can stay busy, which helps justify higher multiples.

There’s still more to like. 

Maritime PPR Technology Opportunities

Targeting another tremendous market opportunity, KULR announced releasing its new Passive Propagation Resistant (PPR) KULR-Tech Safe Case solution, the latest in its maritime battery safety technology line. This product is more than a continuation of its compelling and unrivaled battery-safety technology; it’s also the only known battery-safety product meeting new and stricter requirements set by the U.S. Coast Guard for maritime safety. And KULR could literally own the opportunity. Why?

Because, in addition to KULR’s PPR Safe Case being market-leading and even first to market, KULR’s IP could keep competitive interest at bay, with competing products finding it potentially hard to get around KULR’s IP protecting the technology embedded to prevent battery fires and even deadly explosions.

Perhaps best of all is that the opportunity to monetize this opportunity is a near-term proposition. Not only that, the market should get bigger. In addition to its initial requirements for certain commercial vessels, the USCG is expected to expand the criteria to those in the cruise line, shipping, and fishing industries

Hence, the combined market opportunity will become enormous. 

A Revenue Tailwind With Streamlined Overhead

Know this too. More than signing potentially lucrative and long-term deals, KULR is working to ensure its revenues fall faster toward the bottom line. They noted using some of its $55 million funding to streamline its operations by relocating much of its production capabilities to North America. That groundwork results in reduced overhead, a likely strengthening of operating margins, and helps eliminate the potential continuation of logistical supply-chain headwinds. Those moves may prove timely, especially with reports indicating supply-chain disruptions may last longer than expected. 

Thus, with many moving parts, it’s more than deals and cash that combine to make KULR an attractive and compelling value proposition. Its assets, including IP, add inherent and tangible strength to support that consideration. And with multiple contracts, well-funded, pioneering new sectors, and an IP portfolio keeping competitive threat at a distance, KULR can be accurately described as being in its best position ever for growth. 

And while that’s been said, perhaps several times over, it stays a current descriptive because KULR keeps getting better. Based on substance, not hype.


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