Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Kross Wallet has launched a multi-chain wallet that offers users a secure way to access and manage digital assets across multiple blockchain networks. The Kross Wallet supports cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and offers one-click account creation, multi-chain support and built-in security features.

In addition to the wallet, Kross offers a web3.0-powered Kross Chain Aggregator, a cross-chain swap (Dex) and a Kross Earn Protocol. The platform aims to provide users with an all-in-one solution for accessing DeFi products, regardless of blockchain restrictions, with a focus on security, transparency and efficiency.

The Kross Chain Aggregator uses AI-powered Pathfinder and Chainfinder technology to find the best routes for cross-chain swaps. Meanwhile, the Kross Swap (Dex) allows users to perform token-to-token swaps on multiple blockchain networks and offers incentives for miners and liquidity providers.

Kross’s vision is to become a leading platform in the crypto ecosystem that promotes cross-chain integration and makes digital assets easily accessible and usable for anyone, anywhere and at any time. For more information, visit the Kross Wallet website.

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