Ireland-based Kronodeo and its founder Konrad Kaplan have launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the development of their revolutionary Light Clock, a device designed to completely revolutionize the measurement of time.

The Light Clock is a new precision timekeeping method that utilizes the speed of light for time measurement. It measures time by measuring the distance light travels in the device. Knowing the speed of light and the distance light travels in the device, the Light Clock can calculate the time it takes light to travel this distance, which becomes a unit of time. The shorter the distance, the shorter the time unit.

Kronodeo is currently working on miniaturizing the Light Clock so that it can be mounted in any type of device that requires timekeeping. The PCB Light Clock has already been created and is being tested. However, the company needs additional funding to continue the development of this groundbreaking technology.

The GoFundMe campaign aims to raise funds for the development of the Light Clock and to support Kronodeo’s mission to introduce their inventions on the largest possible scale in order to improve the standards of our lives and develop technology, which is the foundation of our civilization.

Kronodeo is at an early stage of development and is looking for partnerships with individuals or companies that are ready to participate with them in the development of the Light clock technology. Thanks to this, they will be able to develop at the speed of light.

The Light Clock has applications in many areas of life and science. Kronodeo’s main vision is to improve GPS technology by incorporating the precision clock into GPS devices.

One of the problems of clocks is that they don’t measure their own measurement, and so we can’t be fully sure that the unit of time measured by the clock is always equal. The Light Clock is the first clock that not only measures time accurately but also measures its measurement. This is made possible by using coordinated two signals that measure each other based on the speed of light. Therefore, the Light Clock is not only precise but also reliable, and thanks to it, we will finally be able to be sure that we are on time.

Kronodeo is a company founded in Ireland by the creator of the Light Clock. Their GoFundMe campaign is an opportunity for supporters of groundbreaking technology to help bring this revolutionary invention to life. For more information on the Light Clock and to support Kronodeo’s GoFundMe campaign, please visit

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