Kristina McInnis Hosts the Talented Mary Fitzgerald on the Bottled Blonde Podcast

The famous star of the popular Netflix Series, Selling Sunset, joined Kristina and thrilled fans to an exclusive scoop on the evolution of Selling Sunset, and how the idea for the series transformed into one of the current hottest TV shows

Kristina Catherine Mclnnis played host to the multi-talented actress and real estate agent, Mary Fitzgerald on a special edition of her The Bottled Blonde Podcast. The self-made influencer and blogger interviewed the star of the popular Netflix series, Selling Sunsets, and got an exclusive scoop on behind the scenes activities, as well as a detailed description of how the idea for the series transitioned into what is now considered to be one of the hottest TV shows currently available.

Mary Fitzgerald delved deep into her personal life to reveal the reasons that motivated her to pursue and acquire a real estate license, as well as the series of events that led her to start working at the Oppenheim Group.

β€œChristine is not the person she used to be. I wish my old friend would come back,” Mary said about Christine from the show.

The Bottled Blonde Podcast is a top-ranked podcast hosted by the intelligent and incredibly driven Kristina Mclnnis. Topics on the popular podcast range from boys to booze, business, and beauty. The entrepreneurial powerhouse from Portland sold the first company she founded before graduating college and has recently started a social media agency called KCM Connect.

Kristina recalls falling in love with fashion while growing up. The phenomenal businesswoman says she made up her mind to completely focus on fashion after watching a video of an animal surgery that obliterated any desires she nurtured with regards to becoming a vet.

Speaking on the Mary Fitzgerald episode, Kristina Mclnnis hinted that the session with the Netflix star was an indication of the kind of rich and exciting content listeners should expect in 2022 and promised to bring more interesting personalities and celebrities as guests for future episodes of the podcast.

Anyone interested in tuning into subsequent episodes of The Bottled Blonde podcast, as well as those simply curious and eager to listen to the story shared by Mary Fitzgerald on episode 92, can simply visit the blogger’s website to get access to her content.

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