Kreyonbox Music Drops New Song “Not Love”

Kreyonbox Music is back with another song that is going to be the hot topic in the upcoming months. The name of the single is “Not Love”, easy to remember, this song captures Kreyonbox Music singing skills with the perfect Rnb touch that highlights the expansion of his music style. It is a pure example of a fairly common occurrence in the music industry where an artist releases a single to get fans to start talking. The name is very catchy but also deep and clever.


In his past project “Mailed from the plains”, Kreyonbox displayed a huge tendency leaning towards Rnb and it is not a shock to one that his first single this year is indeed an Rnb song. Given his rapping background, such as his song “Coded freestyle”, needless to say his play of words added a conscious side to “Not Love” that can be attributed to his

lyrical ability. This new single speaks volumes on Kreyonbox Music marketing capability. Critics are already calling it the “Not again” song, due to the fact that he packaged this single in a such a way that it is a hard to be catagorized, as he has done countless times before. Despite being Rnb, people are jamming to it like it is a rap song, it has been a success on social media as well. One can listen to it on youtube: 

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These past few years, Kreyonbox has been reluctant on talking about his label situation, though he is not a signed artist, he always reps “Freskau” in everything he does. Towards the end of the song “Not love”, the beat takes an energetic turn that is very similar to a southern bouncy vibe, where we can hear Dj Boks Freskau repeating a few words over and over. This is a classic situation where Kreyonbox is putting the spotlight on a “Freskau” Dj, even though there was no credits attributed to Dj boks, it is still a good look for him.

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Can Kreyonbox Music withsand the test of time in this era where artists are here today and gone tomorrow?

“Well this remains to be seen, for now, let’s say Kreyonbox knows there is not love in this industry, essentially when you are “getting paid” as he mentioned it in the hook.”

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