Korean Company’s Battery Venting Device, Now Capturing Public Attention

In a situation where it’s hard to imagine life without a car, a safer and more convenient battery venting device has been developed in Korea, gaining much public attention. Its low cost and highly efficient device can open up to solve issues related to unstable oil prices and gas emission. Furthermore, it allows other carmakers to take account of the global environment. Since developing Korea’s first EV battery safety device in 2017, FMS Co., Ltd. has successfully developed its battery venting device based on its experiences to protect customers’ lives, property, and the environment. FMS Battery Venting Device for pack & module is currently installed in electronic vehicles.

The battery venting device has been designed to delay the increase in pressure of the battery pack by releasing excessive pressure of the vehicle battery and preventing relevant accidents. If an accident occurs by any possibility, it helps quickly discharge high-temperature gas to evaporate in the intended direction to give passengers time to quickly escape the vehicle as soon as possible.

When a large battery for BEV venting device is installed in the rear and center of the vehicle lithium battery pack, it generates a spark due to the defective battery. It causes ignition and chemical reactions inside the battery pack, increasing its pressure and temperature. In the process, as the internal pressure of the battery pack increases due to the chemical reaction, an explosion may occur. The gas and smoke generated by the damaged rupture disc of the battery are discharged in the intended direction through the venting device that helps to lower the pressure.

Customers can choose the size and usage of the battery pack among the two models. In addition, an air-permeable model is currently being developed.

FMS Co., Ltd. has secured its durability and safety through the environmental reliability tests to respond to different conditions according to vibration, humidity, thermal aging, temperature, and flooding. While securing relevant patents and certifications on quality and environmental management, it has continuously made efforts to contribute to the safety of customers and the environment.  

An official from FMS Co., Ltd said, “We’re looking for business partners around the world. We always keep the door open to cooperation with other companies.”

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