Kited AI-powered quest generation system
Kited, an innovative AR RPG, has launched open beta testing for its unique AI-powered quest generation and NPC interaction systems. The systems promise to revolutionize gameplay with dynamic, unique quests and lifelike NPC interactions. This move is set to add a new level of depth and complexity to the game, offering a fresh and engaging experience for players. Kited encourages gamers to join this exciting phase to shape the future of AR gaming.

Kited, an innovative mobile augmented reality RPG game, announced today that it has launched open beta testing for its unique quest generation and NPC (Non-Player Character) interaction system. This AI-based system, set up for testing as a chat with NPCs on the game’s website, promises to revolutionize the gameplay experience for users worldwide before it is integrated into the game.

Kited’s AI-powered quest generation system dynamically creates quests for players, offering an endless array of challenges and adventures. The system, being tested separately for now, will offer unique player experiences as no two quests are the same, thereby keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

In tandem, the AI-based NPC interaction system allows more realistic and immersive interactions between players and game characters. It brings the game characters to life, each with their distinct personalities, storylines, and dialogue. This system, too, is being tested separately through the game’s website and will further enhance the gaming experience once integrated into the game.

The Kited development team said, “We aim to expand the possibilities of AR gaming and deliver an immersive, engaging world. Our AI-driven quest generation and NPC interaction systems introduce a new layer of depth and complexity. We believe these features will captivate players and provide a unique gaming experience.”

Open beta testing is available to anyone interested in trying these advanced features and providing valuable feedback for further development and refinement. Kited encourages gamers to participate in this exciting testing phase, which will help shape the future of Kited and AR gaming.

About Kited

Kited is a pioneering AR RPG that blends the real and virtual worlds in a seamless, immersive gaming experience. With features like AI-powered quest generation and dynamic NPC interaction, Kited is set to redefine the possibilities of AR gaming.

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