Kirmaan Aboobaker Shaped the Popular Song “Cheerleader” Into Something That People Loved

By remixing the song Cheerleader by OMI, Kirmaan Aboobaker is helping it become even more popular

Kirmaan Aboobaker remixed the song “Cheerleader” by world-famous artist OMI and transformed this already amazing song into something that people can’t stop listening to.

Kirmaan Aboobaker began his musical journey at a very young age and succeeded exceptionally at it. Like most beginners, Kirmaan first dabbled into the wild and wonderful world of remixing and produced a sensational remix of the famed song “Cheerleader.” To Kirmaan’s delight, his remix got picked up by Ministry of Sound, a club in London where it was played in 2015. This resulted in his remix reaching an audience bigger than he ever anticipated and making him and his creation an instant viral hit.

That remix now boasts hundreds of thousands of searches on the popular music searching platform, Shazam, where it sits at well over three hundred and thirty thousand shazams. This massive success brought his work into the spotlight and ended up becoming the starting point of his musical expedition.

Soon after his remix formed a fan base for him, he took on the name “Ghost” and started working on original electronic music. His later work proved to be an even bigger success and cemented the name Ghost in the minds of thousands of fans.

Ghost’s original song S.H.A.M.E became one of his most famous songs, gathering over Millions of Streams on Spotify and over One million views on YouTube. The song has also received over Four hundred and Fifty thousand Shazams, a number that is increasing to this day.

The viral sensation Ghost is still producing music and posting it regularly on his Instagram and Twitter, where he has over twenty thousand combined followers. If you would like to check out what Ghost is up to these days, you can check him out at @OriginalsByGhost on Instagram and @GhostOriginal on Twitter.

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