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King Field Electronic Co., Ltd. is an electronic OEM PCB printed circuit board & PCB assembly(PCBA) manufacturer. With own factory, workshop and professional R&D team, PCB design, PCB fabrication, electronic component sourcing, PCB assembly, IC programming to function testing. Communications, Aerospace, Industrial control, medical care, automotive electronics and wearable smart devices PCB and PCBA are our main supply. one stop service all can be given to their clients all over the world.

SHENZHEN, China – King Field Electronic Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs), announced new investments today to enhance quality control and inspection across its production lines. The move comes as King Field aims to meet growing demand for its PCB assembly services.

“We are committed to delivering the highest quality circuit board components and assemblies to our customers,” said Michelle Chen, CEO of King Field. “These new inspections will ensure our products consistently achieve excellence.”

King Field’s quality control measures include implementing automated optical inspection (AOI) testing at multiple stages of the PCB fabrication process. AOI quickly identifies defects on bare boards and post-assembly, enabling timely corrective action. The company has also added X-ray inspection for ball grid array (BGA) and other components, helping detect issues like misalignment.

In addition to new inspection equipment, King Field is expanding training for its staff. By coaching workers on the latest techniques and standards, the company aims to engrain a culture of quality across every level. Employees are regularly tested and certified to global benchmarks like IPC Class 2 and IPC Class 3 soldering standards.

King Field obtained prestigious certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 before strengthening quality control. Sue Zhang, King Field’s quality manager, said the internationally recognized certifications reflected a process tuned for consistency. She emphasized that quality applies not only to manufacturing, but also to customer service and supply chain management.

Founded in 2005, King Field serves a wide range of industries with quality-focused PCB production and assembly. From aerospace companies to automotive suppliers, from medical device manufacturers to IoT startups, the company meets with flexibility and discretion Various needs. King Field’s global customers can view manufacturing data and progress in real time through an online portal.

With these new quality control initiatives, King Field aims to better serve customers by proactively preventing defects and ensuring compliance to specifications. As Mr. Chen puts it: “Our investment in quality reflects our commitment to helping our customers succeed, every step of the way.”

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