Kid’s Podcast, “Nature Just Got Real” Releases New Episode Featuring Butterflies and Interview With Horticulturist Steve LaWarre.

The interview with the Vice President of Horticulture for Fredrik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park shares insights on butterflies, their role as pollinators, what challenges they face, and what kids can do to help them.

“Nature Just Got Real,” a kid’s podcast in the United States announced today the release of their new episode which featured an interview with Steve LaWarre, the Vice President of Horticulture for Fredrik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The interview centered on butterflies, their role as pollinators, some challenges they face as pollinators, and what kids can do to help them in their neighborhoods, backyards, and schools.

“Besides butterflies being beautiful and colorful creatures, there is so much more to them,” said Steve LaWarre in his interview. “Before a butterfly transitions into the big, colorful insect that we love to see, it goes through some necessary processes. During the developmental stages of butterflies, they could fall prey to creatures like birds or bigger insects who might eat them at their larvae or caterpillar stages. This is just one of the many challenges butterflies face.”

There is great need to look out for these butterflies and kids can do this by simply exploring and asking questions. Also, it is important to keep butterfly-friendly backyards which can cater to the developmental stages of butterflies. It is okay to get your hands dirty occasionally and check for larvae and caterpillars which may be hidden under the leaves in your backyards. That’s all part of the fun of nature. Nature cannot be fully explored from a distance.

The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan holds an annual event where butterflies are exhibited for nature lovers to come and explore. The exhibition is called “Butterflies Are Blooming,” and it will be held from March 1st through April 30th. It will be an awesome opportunity to have a closer look at dozens of species of butterflies and get more familiar with them.

More interesting insights on butterflies were shared on the podcast such as; ways of identifying the differences between moths and butterflies, learning some butterfly vocabulary words, identifying different species of butterflies and so many more.

For more information on the podcast, links to the audio podcast, the video on YouTube, and supplemental PDF with Lesson Plan, see attached below.

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