Currently residing in the USA, Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong is a dancing superstar from Malaysia. He has won multiple awards and titles, including the National Professional Latin Title in the USA, Thailand Professional Latin Champion, and Asia Pacific Professional Latin Champion.

In this latest interview, Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong opens up about his life, journey and success. 

Q. Hello, Kelvin. Let’s start with your origin. Where were you born and raised?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. I was Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Q. How did you start dancing? 

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. I’ve always known I had a passion and love for dancing, however, due to family financial situation was not able to do so until the age of 16. An opportunity came up when a sister’s friend who owns a dance school was offering some kind of promotion for guys who would like to learn dancing, so I decided that I wanted to take the opportunity.

In the beginning, I was watching youtube videos, and then the rest is history. I was training under William and Luisa Danceworld before I moved to Bangkok, Thailand.

Q. Where did you continue your training?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. After some period of time training in Malaysia, I felt that there was time to make some changes in my dancing career, so I decided to move to another country to continue. I’ve chosen to dance and train under the pupilage of Mr.Uapan Snidvongs in Bangkok, Thailand. He is the current World Dance Organization Advisor in Thailand Association. I was really nervous when I talked to him first time in my life about moving to Thailand to train under him. 

Under his training, my partner Masha Kozobrod and I can clinch the title and become the Thailand Professional Latin Champion and Asia Pacific Professional Latin Champion within 3 years.

Q. When did you decide to choose dancing as a profession, and what makes you choose it?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. It was after my Bachelor’s degree in Economics, I was thinking of either taking the normal route where I would work 9-5 or I would risk it and taking my passion into account for the future. It was a difficult decision coming from a conventional and traditional Chinese family, but i am glad I made the right choice

Q. How did you prepare for competitions?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. In the beginning, I was training for 10 hours a day, Day till night, just to perfect my moves, understanding my body and how it can express what I want to say as an individual dancer. . Besides that going to competitions really helped me boost my confidence as a dancer and individual. Competitions taught me and still teach me acceptance, understanding and dealing with different situations that may happen or may not happen while performing. 

Q. How did you and your family react when you won the National Professional Latin Title in the USA?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. My family was very happy for me, they know how much this means for me and my career as a dancer and for my future, where I will be training young dancers to be on my path. This proves all my hard work is paying off. 

I can’t believe it myself as I was only in the country for 9months before fighting for the title. It was a tough and tight competition with the silver medalist of the National Championship, but I was really ecstatic when they called out my name for 1st place.

Q. How did it feel to win the audience’s heart in America?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. Once again, I have moved countries to keep going on my dancing journey. It is always scary to start from scratch. After the first competition in America, I felt extremely appreciated, for an audience understood the hard work and artistry I put into my dancing, and they accepted the difference in my dance style. Even if my style of dancing is different from what they get used to seeing on the dance floor and it counted as “not typical”, I could see people enjoying watching, especially when I could clearly hear my name called out in the crowd. It feels really inspiring.

Q. Do you still feel nervous performing in front of a huge audience?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. Definitely, I am trying to bring myself and present my choices to America’s audience, and it’s always scary, but I am confident that I will bring my best version of myself.

Q. Was it different between Asia & America?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. Yes it was, a totally different culture, people in America are more appreciative of dancing. It felt like they are much more supportive of this artform

Q. What’s your plan and aspiration for the future?

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. In the future, I am hoping to open my own studio and train the next best generation of Ballroom and Latin Dancers. Igniting more passion in young kids and keeping this art form more up to date, and keeping it alive 

Q. At the end, what are the thoughts you want to leave the audience with Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong. I want to sharemy two success mantras: 

“Keep on Dancing and always inspire a new generation”

“Being unique is a choice created from within you”

Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong can be reached at 

Instagram @kelvinmasha_dance

TikTok @kelvinmashadance 

& Facebook

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