Staying Fit While Overcoming Heart Problems

LA GRANGE, KY – Is there anything less fun than losing weight? A month or two of dieting and exercise can make a huge difference, but without permanent lifestyle changes, the results won’t last. In fact, 98% of people who make the effort to slim down will end up reverting to old habits and gaining all of that weight back. What distinguishes that last 2% from the rest? They understand what their bodies need and how to get their healthy habits to stick for good. Finding a specialist to help learn about the unique needs of the human body isn’t easy, but that’s where Heart Health & Wellness Coach Keith Miller comes in.

Keith Miller is a life-long martial artist, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor who trained MMA fighters before a series of life threatening illnesses caused him years of physical and emotional suffering. He battled congestive heart failure, depression, sleep apnea, low testosterone, and a weight gain of almost 100 pounds. Now, after pushing himself through recovery and using everything he learned, he now trains people all over the world with his 3-Tier health and fitness programs.

His heart healthy weight loss programs cover a broad spectrum, emphasizing in detail proper methods for diet, exercise, and long-term habit change. Due to his own personal experiences, each of his courses are specialized to be accessible to those suffering from heart conditions; heart problems can’t stop someone from making the changes they want!

Above all else, Keith understands that everyone’s body is different, and therefore has different needs. With this in mind, he knows that there’s no single “off the shelf,” one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. He applies this approach to his one-on-one heart health coaching program, his online personal training program, special challenges, personalized meal plans, and more! Everything from special exercise plans to personalized recommendations for dieting is all at the ready.

“I teach people how to focus on the habit change factors that the 2% of successful people embrace, how to eat for their unique body type, and how to get the most out of their workouts by factoring their body’s needs, abilities, and accessibility,” he says. “Most importantly, I teach them how to form healthy habits and lifestyle changes that last. You won’t get this kind of lifestyle shift from an over-the-counter diet book or mass produced workout video.”

For more information about Keith and his weight loss coaching services, please visit his website. His FREE Facebook group can be accessed here, and a wealth of information on weight loss can be found on his blog

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