Keith Armbrecht of Medicare on Video Announces Launch of Free Medicare Mini-Course

Adept Medicare Enthusiast, Keith Armbrecht is Set to Announce the Release of a Free Medicare Mini-Course which Provides an Easy-to-Follow Solution for People Who Struggle to Understand the Different Plans Available in Medicare and How Medicare Works

Medicare expert, Keith Armbrecht announced today, the launch of his free medicare mini-course. The mini-course is curated to provide more information on Medicare, and the different available plans in order to help individuals choose the most suitable plans. The course is said to cater to the needs of people who struggle to understand what Medicare entails and how it works.

Keith Armbrecht avers that the free medicare mini-course is enriched with comprehensive information on Medicare and reveals notable details to consider when signing up for Medicare. Keith adds that a lot of people encounter some challenges while trying to gather information on all that is needed to know concerning Medicare, and that is the gap the free medicare mini-course fills.

Medicare On Video is a Medicare education company founded by Keith Armbrecht to help simplify and explain Medicare and its enrollment process, and help people take advantage of the amazing government healthcare program. The Medicare help center provides essential and relevant information on different Medicare plans, coverage options, enrollment dates, and so much more. The company has helped people across the country make the right Medicare choices.

The founder of Medicare On Video (MOV), Keith Armbrecht insists that the information disclosed in the mini-course is easy to understand and is broken down into tiny bite sizes to enable easy comprehension. 

After signing up for the mini-course, Arnbretcht discloses that an email will be sent daily to the subscribers, and each email will cover one stage of understanding Medicare. Armbrecht adds that this method will help subscribers understand the intricate details of Medicare easily without feeling overwhelmed with so much information at a time. 

In addition, the mini-course is intended to run for the duration of five days. The mini-course is set to cover everything about original Medicare on the first day, then the cost of Medicare, Medicare eligibility and enrollment periods, Medigap Vs. Medicare advantage, and Medicare part D on the fifth day.

The mini-course is said to contain everything needed to sign up for Medicare, all information that might be needed in the future concerning Medicare, and all things related to Medicare. The mini-course is touted to have helped numerous people across the country make better decisions concerning Medicare and helped them live a happy and healthy life.

“Keith, great you are breaking this topic down into small bite-sized nuggets. Great to deal with, found me the best deal saving me almost half in monthly premiums. Thank you and keep up the great work.”

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