Keeping North Carolina Warm This Winter: Tower Heating & Air’s Top Tips for Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

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As the temperatures begin to drop and winter approaches, Tower Heating & Air, a trusted name in HVAC services, is pleased to offer a comprehensive guide to seasonal HVAC maintenance that will ensure North Carolina residents stay warm and comfortable throughout the colder months.

With years of expertise in the field, the company’s experts have compiled essential tips to help homeowners prepare their HVAC systems for the winter chill.

North Carolina’s diverse climate requires reliable heating solutions to keep homes cozy during the winter. Tower Heating & Air’s top tips for seasonal HVAC maintenance encompass proactive measures that homeowners can take to ensure their heating systems operate efficiently and effectively, even in the coldest weather.

1. Schedule a Professional Inspection: Before winter’s chill sets in, it’s crucial to have a certified technician from Tower Heating & Air conduct a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. This inspection will identify potential issues and allow for timely repairs, preventing breakdowns during the peak of winter.

2. Replace Air Filters: Clean air filters are essential for efficient heating and optimal indoor air quality. Regularly changing or cleaning filters can significantly improve airflow and reduce strain on the system.

3. Clean and Check Vents and Ducts: Blocked vents and ducts can hamper warm air circulation. Ensure that vents are unobstructed and consider professional duct cleaning to enhance heating efficiency.

4. Program Your Thermostat: Utilize a programmable thermostat to set lower temperatures when you’re away and warmer temperatures when you’re at home. This not only saves energy but also ensures comfort when you need it most.

5. Check for Air Leaks: Inspect doors, windows, and other potential sources of drafts for air leaks. Sealing these gaps can prevent heat loss and keep your home warmer.

6. Clean the Heating Unit: If applicable, clean the exterior of your heating unit to remove debris, leaves, and dirt that may have accumulated during the fall months.

7. Monitor Furnace Performance: Regularly listen for unusual noises, such as rattling or clanking, which may indicate an issue with the furnace. If you notice any irregularities, don’t hesitate to contact Tower Heating & Air for professional assistance.

Mr. Craig Andes, owner of Tower Heating & Air, emphasized the importance of seasonal HVAC maintenance: “Proper seasonal maintenance is essential to ensure your HVAC system operates smoothly throughout the winter. Our tips are designed to help homeowners in North Carolina take proactive steps to stay warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient during the colder months.”

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