Popular influencer and content creator, Kayla Freitas, releases Unboxing Queen, a collection of 1,000 Popcorn Bucket Themed NFTs

Kayla Freitas is known for her exploits as a content creator, taking the online space by storm through the Travel Momoirs brand. However, the online celebrity recently ventured into the world of crypto with the launch of the Popcorn Bucket Themed NFT collection. The collection features 1,000 NFTs, which are the first edition from the world-renowned and versatile online influencers.

The digital assets space continues to evolve and expand, with the emergence of non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, further substantiating this claim. Described as the next big thing in the blockchain space, NFTs continue to dominate conversations in the digital currency market and the metaverse. A recent report revealed that the market cap for global transactions of NFTs increased from $40.96 million in 2018 to $338.04 million by 2020, showing the huge potentials of the market. However, Kayla Freitas is looking to take the experience a notch higher as she launches a collection of 1,000 Popcorn Bucket-Themed NFTs.

The collection, which is currently available on OpenSea, features 1,000 unique NFTs, all inspired by Kayla’s Viral popcorn bucket Unboxing Videos. The videos continue to command huge attention from her fans across the globe, garnering millions of views on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Kayla has created the NFTs from the videos as she seeks to deliver a more immersive experience and connection with her fans.

For more information about the Popcorn Bucket Themed NFTs Collection and other works from Kayla Freitas, visit – Kayla Freitas can also be found across social media, including SnapchatTikTok, and Instagram.

About Kayla Freitas

Kayla Freitas is an American TikTok star popularly known for her mother-daughter collaboration videos. She operates the account, called TravelMomoirs, which has gained over 1 Million followers on TikTok. Kayla is also popular on YouTube and Instagram as well as her vlog at, with her content focusing on travel, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

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