JWS Is Changing the World of LCD by Announces New Series

Jinweishi Photoelectric Technology Co LTD or more commonly JWS is known for high-quality LCD kits and screens, sold in bulk quantities and at low price. JWS was established years ago to design the perfect LCDs for customers worldwide, and in that time it has enjoyed tremendous support from its hundreds of thousands of customers. Thanks to its years of LCD manufacturing experience, JWS has evolved to become the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic LCDs. The company’s products are used in a variety of industries, ranging from medical monitors to televisions and projectors — but the company prides itself on its ability to provide LCDs for both the commercial and private sectors.

The company ensures that its products are of the highest quality — doubling the size of their screens without sacrificing pixel clarity. In fact, when compared to their top competitor, JWS has half the pixel error rate, making their screens more objectively clear. With a decade of experience and more than 100 employees, JWS designs, manufactures and assembles LCD displays for more than 5,000 clients in both the industrial and consumer spaces. As the world’s largest display manufacturer, JWS offers superior creative services, transformational logistics and after-sale technical support to ensure that its customers are receiving the highest quality products.

The technology research department of JWS has officially quoted that they are implementing the new technology in the research of LCD manufacturing which includes better flash rate, picture quality and strong LCD. 

The spokesman quoted, “With our new LCD technology, your business can stay ahead of the curve and provide a cutting-edge product to customers. This special graphics in 7 inch tft LCD panel screen technology helps you deliver information via pictures rather than words. The advantages are endless if you go for any lcd — from being more compact, to being easier to use, this modern technology will elevate your brand image and improve your sales today”.

JWS has a variety of LCD sizes, while the 4.6 inch LCD display and 4.3 inch LCD panel display sold drastically in the international market and 10.1 inch LCD panel in the local market. The bigger screen sizes like 10.1 inch LCD panel and 10.4 inch LCD display were mostly used in tablets, car panels and other places where rich information can be shown in high quality while keeping the strength.

The company is committed to long-term relationships and always looks to create value for its clients. You can visit Jinweishi Photoelectric Technology Co LTD official site to explore their catalog, products and even more available on their official website. You can also contact their support team to order the newly invented better lcds in affordable price and bulk quantities.  

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Jinweishi Photoelectric Technology Co LTD specializes in a wide range of these services that attract different businesses. We pride ourselves on our manufacturing systems — with high-quality products at competitive prices, we can provide our clients with the best solutions. JWS provides the world’s most advanced LCD manufacturing and assembly services that can be tailored to meet any and every need: from LCD panel manufacturing to individual parts, from case assembly to final products. We are committed to providing quality custom-made electronics for all of our clients — it’s our business goal. Visit https://www.jwslcd.com/.  

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