Junkie Muzik to Drop a New Compilation Album the Road 2 Riches

Leading music management company, Junkie Muzik, announces the release of a new project titled “Road 2 Riches” featuring artists on the label’s catalogue

The team at Junkie Muzik, led by Teofilo Clark aka Flow Fargo & Aubra Upchurch, looks set to disrupt the music scene as the entertainment outfit announces plans to drop a new album. The compilation album titled Road 2 Riches consists of different genres, including hip-hop, R&B, and Pop, featuring a few artists from the “Junkie Muzik” catalog. The album will be officially released on April 1, 2020, to be available on all major streaming platforms for listeners worldwide.

The global music industry has witnessed a series of evolution, as more artists emerge from different parts of the world to deliver an amazing listening experience to their fans. While the results have not particularly been as desired for music lovers, some acts have mastered the craft of creating timeless pieces for lovers of good music. This is the case of Junkie Muzik and the company’s artists, as evident in the soon-to-be-launched Road 2 Riches album.

The project features “Deep” remix by Marcus ft. T-Rell as the lead single, with the likes of Remedy215 and Sab Young also contributing to the compilation album. Other talented artists from South California and Philadelphia on the project include Geno843, JM Pistol, V$M Cleve, JM Geezus, Dopeboy D. Birch, Yung Mojo, and Justin Swayne, delivering fascinating lyrics on great beats made by outstanding music producers.

Road 2 Riches was created in line with the goal of Junkie Muzik to support talented indie artists to get the needed exposure to succeed in the music business while ensuring that lovers of good music enjoy entertaining yet thought-provoking songs. The album is particularly unique for having different genres, ensuring that every category of listener, irrespective of preference, has something to put on their playlist.

The album will be available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

For further information about the Road 2 Riches compilation album as well as other projects and services from Junkie Muzik, visit – https://www.junkiemuzik.com/. Junkie Muzik can also be found across several social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

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