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How often should homeowners replace the air conditioner filter at home?

Now that spring is here and the days are getting warmer many are turning on the air conditioners again for the first time this season. That raises the question as to how often should you change the air conditioning filter. We reached out to Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises, an AC repair company in McDonough Georgia.

Steve tells us, “The air conditioner filter needs to be changed as often as the manufacturer recommends. Of course this depends on the quality of the air conditioner filters you are using. For instance, if you are using the cheaper thin fiber glass filters then you should probably change them once a month. Some of the higher quality hepa filters need to changed up to every six months depending on the manufacturers recommendations Of course these are the minimum recommendations and your health and local circumstances may require it to be changed more often.”

Why does an air conditioner filter need to be changed?

Steve continues, “Air conditioners work by using filters to sift and clean the air. Over time, dust and other particles will accumulate on the filter, reducing its efficiency and effectiveness. If a filter is too dirty, it can lead to problems with your home’s indoor air quality. This in turn can impact the health of you and your family.”

The following are some of the pollutants that may be trapped in an air conditioner filter:




Dog and cat fur.

Animal dander.

Pollutants found in the open air

Steve adds, “People with breathing problems, allergies and pet owners should especially consider using a higher quality hepa filter. It not only gets more of the irritants out of the air but it lasts longer in between replacements. Talk to your local AC repair technician to find out what they suggest based on your personal situation.”

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