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JPR Media Group “JPR Media” has worked with artists, galleries, and wine brands to secure NFT press coverage

London, UK — (ReleaseWire) — 04/25/2022 — Top PR agency JPR Media Group “JPR Media” has worked with artists, galleries, and wine brands to secure NFT press coverage.

In 2021 and 2022, JPR Media clients in a multitude of industries, from individual artists, art galleries and wine makers started creating their own NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). Existing JPR Media clients started investing in blockchain companies, cryptocurrencies and NFT digital art. There was a definite pivot for investors to investigate this sector and experiment through investing in cryptocurrency, accepting cryptocurrency payments, creating new NFT digital artworks, to launching an NFT art space and advisory.

The focus for JPR Media Group on each NFT press client was to research writers and reporters in the NFT space and discover the growing new sector of journalism which included new NFT media publications, podcasts and shows.

Top NFT PR agency JPR Media Group secured features, profile pieces, and interviews within NFT press and technology titles, national newspapers, TV and Radio Broadcast, and podcasts such as ITV TV, ITV News, BBC Radio 4 London – Front Row, BBC Radio Sussex, Telegraph, Telegraph Luxury, The Times, Evening Standard, City AM, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, CryptoSlate, Irish Tech News, KrAsia Oasis, CryptoWriter, Interesting Engineering, Lux Mag, The Drinks Business, FAD Magazine, and many others.

NFT’s have been a big growth sector for media. The amount of specialised writers in the subjects of NFT’s, bitcoin and cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. There is growing interest in this space and there has been a rise in technology and NFT writing specialists.

JPR Media Group has experience working with finance, insurance, and technology companies such as the below:

– PremFina insurance – a tech-led provider of premium finance. They launched iFaaS: an ongoing subscription app with on-demand premium financing.

– Fineqia – a leading investor in the emerging decentralised web 3.0 economy

– Art&Co – the world’s largest online art auction which raised money for charities and dispersed the funds through blockchain

– China’s SEED Award – the first creativity award that highlights the integration between technologies and everyday life

– OOOOO entertainment and commerce app

– The Leadership Network and Gemba VR – a virtual learning platform

– Starr Luxury Cars and Starr Luxury Jets – based on the Airbnb model of connecting customers with the product without asset ownership

– The Space of Mind mental health podcast

The most interesting technology stories have celebrated new technology, merging tech with art or entertainment, using technology for the benefit of education and learning, using technology for philanthropy, how technology can benefit the environment, technology that can solve or reduce health issues, how technology can better or enrich peoples’ lives, and using technology to create art.

JPR Media Group worked with the China’s SEED Award’s European Semi-Finals in London, on behalf of the Seedland Group, which celebrated bright individuals all around the world who are using technology and science to solve the world’s problems.

Winning SEED projects include: a high-functioning active fan filter unit, supported by a digital app, designed to protect babies from air pollution in an urban environment; a technology to detect cancer by checking blood signals; and an electronic skin that is fully flexible and embeds highly sensitive force sensor with temperature sensing. One incredible idea was to extend a dog’s life through gene-editing technology.

JPR Media Group worked with The Leadership Network and Gemba VR which was another technology PR client focused on celebrating how technology can improve the way we work. Gemba uses virtual reality to educate and train, reducing costs as well as carbon footprint. Gemba’s immersive learning for the manufacturing workforce was included within the World Economic Forum’s Augmented Workforce whitepaper in January 2022.

Top tech press secured for JPR Media Group’s top tech clients across all technology sectors include Bloomberg, CNN, BBC News, BBC South Today TV, BBC World Radio, BBC Oxford Radio, Yahoo Finance, Financial Times, Telegraph, Independent, The Times, Evening Standard, Forbes, GQ, European Business, TechFirst podcast, Oxford Mail, City AM, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Computer Weekly, TechRound, Retail Technology Innovation, CryptoWriter, Irish Tech News, The Irish Times, Luxury London, and many others.

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