Research Tools for Journalists

Research tools for journalists

We support quality journalism and we are happy to provide data for good stories. For eligible projects, journalists working on publications that require data and facts can use Market Sampler free, or at a significantly discounted price. All we require in return is citing Market Sampler as a source of information.

Boost the value of your story with primary research data

Market Sampler is a fully unaffiliated market research company with a public survey system that does not incentivize respondents. All responses are from people who voluntarily took a moment to leave feedback.

Currently we offer the following tools:

These can be used for various use cases, including:

  • Public opinion research
  • Political research
  • Market research
  • Brand feedback

Free-form research configuration with multi-dimensional data and optional analytical insights

Here is an example of what level of data you can get from Market Sampler. We deliver raw data for every research, the interactive reporting dashboard is an add-on.

Register free to access all public research tools

Register to our Partner Area, then use the form in the “For journalists” tab to indicate your data requirements. We will get back shortly to assess your needs.

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