Joshua Grant Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for Another Zombie Apocalypse Comic Series

An opportunity for backers to grab their rewards and feature in the comic as a zombie

Joshua Grant is thrilled to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for his comic series, Another Zombie Apocalypse. The Kickstarter campaign will give backers an opportunity to claim amazing rewards, including meeting digitally with the comic creators and featuring in the comic series as a zombie. Due out in October 2022, Another Zombie Apocalypse explores a series of short zombie stories that give off different opinions on the classic zombie formula. In the end, each of the stories is combined to strengthen the entire zombie universe. The story and dialogue were written and directed by the best-selling author and comic creator, Joshua Grant, while the Art, animation, and musical score direction were created by the award-winning artist, Laszlo Nemeth. Also, the voice acting was done by the legendary Sever Truth.

Grant has been working with a team of creatives to ensure that the short zombie comics collection explores incredible characters and creatures that will capture the attention of comic lovers, fans of zombies and horror comics, and the entire nerd culture. This project will be a great deal for backers as they will be a significant part of building the comic into a larger trilogy series. Depending on the amount donated, backers will be entitled to great rewards, including a special thanks, apocalypse digital bundle, apocalypse Q and A, a stunning appearance in the apocalypse as a zombie and many more.

β€œThough they may seem different, all zombie apocalypses are actually connected by one bloody thread. Another Zombie Apocalypse tugs at the thread, exploring a series of short zombie stories that have very different takes on the classic formula, all of the seemingly separate stories building towards a grand reveal that connects all zombie universes. Follow a personal service robot as he ponders human existence during the outbreak. Watch as a heroic family evades the larger and sinister creature that stalks them. See an immune soldier hunt the elusive Patient Zero. Come slay with two vampire brothers fighting for survival against a zombie plague-infected vampire. All these stories and more play out in the visionary comic series. Come join the Kickstarter campaign and be drawn into the comic as a zombie!” said the comic creator, Joshua Grant.

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