Josh’s Finance Crosses 10 Million Views Threshold on YouTube, Closes Over $100k in Sales in 2021

2021 was a great year for stock market and cryptocurrency investor Josh as his YouTube channel passed the 10 million views threshold while enjoying widespread popularity among news outlets

The cryptocurrency craze is sweeping through the world and enjoying widespread adoption. It has turned many into millionaires while ripping others of their hard-earned money. Everyone seeks financial freedom, and stocks and cryptocurrencies have been seen as viable conduits to achieve that goal. However, investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies is a complex task. Without the right information, investors are often susceptible to malicious business practices.

Josh’s Finance, LLC was launched to provide a centralized location that offers investors and traders a chance to learn all there is to know about investing in stocks and cryptocurrency. Today, Josh’s Finance has enjoyed tremendous growth as its owner, Josh has relentlessly dished out informative content across its social media profiles. Josh, a stock market and cryptocurrency investor, has channeled his energy into turning his startup into a resource base for insightful information on investing in the financial market.

In 2021, Josh’s Finance’s YouTube channel crossed the 10 million views threshold and enjoyed popularity among news outlets globally. Josh is a 23-year-old investor who’s on track to be a millionaire before his 30s, and at the end of 2021, he had closed over $100k in sales. He is on course to building an empire that could help other influencers grow their communities, sales, and social media. He has replicated the same strategies on Josh’s Finance, which has seen his company witness growth on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Josh’s Finance dishes out updates on the latest information, investment potential, and general news on cryptocurrency. Josh provides technical analysis, price action, and the latest news in the stock market and cryptocurrency on his YouTube channel. He helps day traders find patterns and good entry points for the market. Josh’s Finance goes live every week, posting 1-5 videos per day on the stock market and the cryptocurrency market.

On top of all that, Josh helps content creators gain sales, provides personalized trading view signals, and offers marketing services. He is the go-to expert for all things crypto and stock market investment.

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About Josh’s Finance

Josh’s Finance, LLC was founded by Josh, a 23-year-old stock market and cryptocurrency investor. He provides technical analysis, price action, and the latest stock market and cryptocurrency news. Searching for patterns and good entry points for the market as a day trader or swing trader is at the core of Josh’s Finance’s services. He goes live weekly, posting 1-5 videos per day on the stock market and the cryptocurrency market. Josh studied Network Administration and has been investing since 2016.  

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