Jonathan Osler Is Bringing New Opportunities in the Education Sector With His Ground-Breaking Initiatives

Education and educators play an important role in everyone’s life and they are crucial components of nation-building as well. Therefore, it is important to work on the enhancement of the quality of education at each level to achieve enhanced outcomes. As new generations are looking for some advanced teaching-learning solutions, they require educators to be highly creative and innovative during sessions. Moreover, students seek diversity in education that can ensure their overall development. However, at the same time, it is important to create equivalent learning opportunities for students from every cultural, regional, and racial background.

Unfortunately, several people around the world are experiencing challenging situations due to racial injustice at school, college, and even for career opportunities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers and educators to improve the balance at every level while giving equal growth opportunities to all, irrespective of their cultural or racial backgrounds.

Jonathan Osler has worked to advance education equity for more than 20 years. He is also recognized for his efforts towards racial justice as an educator. People also recognize him as a writer, fundraiser, policy advocate, nonprofit leader, and parent. He started years ago with a goal to support cross-sector partnerships between nonprofits, philanthropic institutions, community members, and educators.

The life of Jonathan Osler is fuelled by a passion for supporting and building cross-sector partnerships between field experts to improve the quality of education. He is working with several corporate leaders, nonprofits, schools, and philanthropic allies. Jonathan Osler is a highly effective communicator who has the ability to engage diverse audiences via research, facilitation, visual design, writing, and public speaking.

He keeps on developing and operationalizing various equity-centered strategic plans while extending support towards continuous learning methods. Jonathan Osler manages all projects carefully to achieve measurable results through human-centered processes. He is also promoting participation and collaboration from an extensive range of stakeholders. Jonathan Osler is working hard to create equal opportunities for people of color so that they can experience sustained growth in every sector. He has also raised funds for several educational initiatives via an active partnership with nonprofits, schools, and philanthropic allies.

About Dr. Jonathan Osler

Jonathan Osler is a widely recognized new generation educator, teacher, and mentor who is making efforts to bridge the gap in the education sector. With his consistent efforts, he is training educators to understand justice-cantered teaching practices. He is the father of two girls, husband to an immigrant rights attorney, and an undergraduate instructor working under STEM teacher education. Other than this, he is a very good cook, aspiring rock climber, and former hip-hop magazine publisher. In his professional career, he has taught mathematics to high school students and also acted as co-principal. He has also trained teachers at the university level. He also works actively for Oakland Public Education Fund with a goal to establish valuable partnerships around the world and to secure necessary resources for the Oakland public schools. 

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