Join G. Bradley as He Shows How Love Works, in His Book, With Love, as Love Is.

G. Bradley presents the art of nurturing the love within to free you from the past so you can heal in every way and incorporate the principals of love into your relationships.

With Love, As Love Is, is not your typical book about love and relationships. The natural ability to feel love is one of the greatest marvels of our creation. Love is the spirit or basis of every good feeling that our senses bring to us. This book introduces you to the characteristics of love to make sure that all your relationships flourish. Positive things happen when the feelings you get from love are present as you go through your day and make important decisions. It is the liberating spirit of love that makes it possible for you to dream. These writings will help you free yourself from the emotional trap of believing that love is lost. It is love itself that calms the restless mind. Love is a creative force that wants you to have your heaven on earth. Love does not judge. Love accepts you as you are and leads you gently to new realities.

With Love, As Love Is, is one of those books that you will wish you had in your hands many years ago. This is a book that you will want to share with your children, your parents, and your loved ones. It contains an insightful text on what love is and what makes love work. There are more than four hundred love poems and reinforcing quotes to help you maintain your loving spirit. You will read this book more than once. You will use this book to create daily affirmations of your love or for inspiration to produce your personal words of love. Your heart will open to the flow of love allowing you to find your own enlightenment about love. Reclaim your innocence with love and enjoy an overwhelming feeling of happiness.

Your spirit of Love will join all other loving spirits around the world. The spirit of love is not designed to be held onto. You will not only proceed with love. You will exist as love is.

About G. Bradley

G. Bradley is a retired educator who taught high school students that were at risk of not graduating. He began a comprehensive study of unconditional love found in metaphysical teachings in his early thirties. He became proficient at presenting weekend and evening workshops on the subject. He has spent the last decade concentrating on his own meditations and being his own teacher. His notes from many years became basis for this book. He could not contain this love.

This book is currently available on line and at your local book store in hard cover, soft cover and E. Book formats.

Authorโ€™s Tranquility Press has provided support and expertise with love to insure this book gets to as many people as possible worldwide.

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