Joey Rodriguez Establishes KCMS Records to Inspire Youths and Evangelize the World Through Music

KCMS Records is the brainchild of Joey Rodriguez, known as “Kcms Rico,” who intends to use the platform to reach out to young people in the United States while harmonizing and rapping about his faith in God

Fueled by the number of artists and record labels dedicated to its promotion, the secular music industry is flourishing in the United States. With nearly every waking hour spent listening to and creating songs, music has an enormous effect on people’s way of life. While society’s ills also have a lot to do with the current state of things, it is imperative to promote gospel music that inspires people positively and draws their hearts to God.

Joey Rodriguez has established KCMS Records, a gospel music label in the United States that intends to preach the good news of Jesus, evangelizing Christ to the world through music. This is a bold move in every sense of the word, and Rico is poised to reach all ears and families with the message of God’s redemptive ability and how it helped him become a new man. Rico was exposed to a rough life during his formative years, leading him to join gangs and engage in violence and drug activities.

“As a young man, I had a passion for music and began working on two numark ttx1 turntables,” explained Joey Rodriguez. “My passion grew into writing, producing, and creating music. However, I made a couple of wrong decisions and joined worldly associations which changed the path of my life such that I lost sight of the true essence of life. I was a loose cannon waiting to explode. My life was a massive wreck until I found Jesus. He changed my life, redefined it, and gave me a new essence to live by. This is the message and foundation on which KCMS Records is built.”

Transformed and regenerated through the Blood of Jesus Christ, Rico desires to spread the message of Jesus through music. Rico has a particular interest in youths as he seeks to help them avoid gangs and violent lifestyles. Through gospel hip-hop, and music generally, Rico is looking to redirect their focus to Jesus, establishing their faith in the One, True God.

Under the KCMS Records label, Rico has released his first album titled Regeneration. The album contains 14 tracks, each telling Rico’s story of coming out of a life of crime and violence and finding God. He raps about Jesus and how he wants to spread the message of God through his music, reaching out to youths and gang members.

To stream Regeneration by KCMS Rico and other songs under KCMS Records, please visit For more information, send an email to or connect with KCMS Records via Instagram and Facebook.

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