Jingle King Entertainment & Production LLC Launches New Website

Jingle King Entertainment & Production LLC is proud to announce the launch of their new website on March 24, 2022, in conjunction with their Cartune TV Network, where Tunes Sing Tunes! Uniquely combining music, education, and entertainment into their animated masterpieces for the young and old alike!

For the first time in Cartoon History, the characters of a cartoon series are animated music notes! This new website introduces the world to “Abram Creates Music,” an original fairy tale that tells the heart-warming journey of how music notes and music came to be. Abram’s tale illuminates the origin of Jingle King & The Notes, an ensemble of captivating, animated music notes with their own whimsical personalities and character arc. Together, they are music … literally!

Jingle King Entertainment & Production’s (“JKEP”) mission is to offer children an abundance of fun, adventure, knowledge, wit, positive values, and social skills through the universal language of music. The company uses cartoons as the medium for imparting valuable, practical life and moral lessons brought about by different cartoon characters embarking on action-packed adventures while teaching along the way.

Kids will soon see how much fun music can be when they’re engaged with the different types of tunes through a series of cartoon shows that not only educate but entertain!

Pamela Matheson, one of the managing members of JKEP states, “Our children are our future, and we all want that future to be very bright. Music education and music, in general, are lacking in most schools today. Covid and now a war is generating stress, fear, and anxiety in everyone, especially children. We know that what we see and hear as children greatly influences who we become as adults. We want to blend music, education, entertainment, positive values, and selflessness into our cartoon series “The Adventures of Jingle King & The Notes” where kids can safely escape into a musical world of harmony and personal empowerment. At the conclusion of each adventure, children will come away with a valuable lesson learned, positive thoughts, and a happy tune in their heart.”

JKEP is a group of humble storytellers with big imaginations. The website was designed to introduce the public at large to JKEP’s work, in a quest to find the perfect professional associations to bring this project to fruition! Drive this dream from concept to reality!

For all interested parties, email info@jinglekingentertainment.com.

Visit jinglekingentertainment.com and meet the Cartune characters! Stay tuned for more tunes coming soon!

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