RISING STAR Exhibits an Extremely Rare Collection of Unique Sketches and Photographs to Benefit Charitable Causes

MANHATTAN, NY – RISING STAR is thrilled to introduce a curated collection of 50 timeless photographs and unique selection of 50 physical sketches with the Jesus Showed Me A Split Sea collection. The main director of RISING STAR, James Dennis, works diligently to showcase one of a kind priceless artwork. All of the proceeds from this collection go towards the EarthChurch and EarthSchool Systems. RISING STAR is honored to host collections like this that can uplift the Christian faith.

Each of the 100 pieces of art are available as a limited edition purchase. Previous collections presented by RISING STAR such as I Met Jesus and I Love Jesus, included the priceless billion dollar images, and hundred photograph collections with values in the 7 to 9 figure range per photograph. With each curated collection, the immense power of art in combination with God’s power becomes more apparent. Art enthusiasts and investors all over the world can marvel at this sight.

RISING STAR is a trending Soho-based fashion house uniquely stationed in the Big Apple. The dedicated team behind RISING STAR believes that art is one of the best things to do when it comes to showcasing the uniqueness of the Christian faith. Quality art and divine strength are the pillars of RISING STAR’s collection. This spiritually enlightening exhibit of photography is an experience of a lifetime. RISING STAR is world-renowned for its collections and innovative ownership contracts.

Included is the option to purchase the collection as full sets formatted as an Earthling Unlimited EUX (Unlimited Token, Unlimited Coin, Super Token, Super Coin, Ultra Token, Unlimited, Super, Ultra, WMX, BXI, EUXE, WMEI, Buy-It-Now, XEUIndex) Currency and File Format:

A verified currency, also functioning as a currency system, technical verifier and software regulator that operates based on strict software analysis and access, capable of being used in other high level platforms especially and usually only in peculiar instances based on strict contract guidelines; classified as a 10 figure plus high tier currency, file, security and currency system operating based on business rarity and traffic amongst others, with advanced forensics and valuation taken into strict consideration before token access is granted.  A physical coin is provided for peculiar or personal instances. The coin system offers a selection of coins including the Unlimited Series. The unique group of coins are automatically super programmed to operate solely on a $100 Billion plus entry level requirement, with tiers surpassing 13, 14 and 15 plus figures. The inimitable coin is the only on the market to ever operate solely on a high tier 10 figure plus basis making this the first and only billion and trillion dollar currency ever. Features a super secure physical coin with facial recognition, advanced fingerprint scanning, body temperature security, and a special laser defended magnetic carrying device. All copyrights reserved to Earthling Unlimited and RISING STAR. USPTO Patent Laws Apply. 

EarthlingUnlimited file containing a lifetime free travel benefit via EarthTravel for buyers.

Copyright Notice:

Earthling Unlimited Extensive Files (Unlimited Coin, Unlimited Token, Ultra Token, Ultra Coin, Unlimited, Ultra, Super Token, EUXE, Buy-It-Now, WorldMasterClass Files, WMX, WMEI, XEUIndex, BXI, ZNY, EUX and other softwares and their functions) and RISING STAR Collections are protected under the copyright laws of the U.S. and international copyright laws through means of the WIPO, Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Reproduction copying or distribution without expressed, written permission of RISING STAR is strictly prohibited.

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