Jesse B Creative Launches New Publishing Services

The Literary Industry veteran Jesse B. Creative has just launched a slew of new services to help authors with their books

Jesse’s expertise spans over 30 years in the industry, and she now offers her skillset to help people get published or improve existing work so it can be seen in the best light possible. 

The company offers ghostwriting, editing, query letters, proposals for awards submissions, and more.

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With traditional publishing, self-publishing, or hybrid options available to you, there is no doubt that the process can be overwhelming. However, the Publishing Consultation service will take away some fears and answer all questions straightforwardly so that people will have less homework on this important decision! 

He offers the following on his site:

Black Children’s Books
Best Picture Books For 2022
Best Picture Books For Kids
Diverse Children’s Books
Diverse Books For Kids

What he’ll discuss:

How to optimize distribution channels (and the best way for you of accessing them) through book marketing, 
Key industry-facing and public-facing events with books as an offering or award submission. 

He’ll also talk about copyright information that should be included in works such as registration numbers; this includes discussing what type of royalty percentage each publisher pays out upon sale–he’ll go over standard schedules which can help authors get paid more fairly if their original manuscript isn’t generating enough income on its own due to low sales rates but still have a chance at securing publication deals.

Each Story Matters is an immersive workshop that teaches kids how to write and illustrate their own stories. 

The group, which includes 8-11-year-olds from all over California (and as far away as Arizona), spends ten one-hour sessions working together on a single project: making a picture book! First, they’ll learn about storyboarding characters into place, drawing pages with basic shapes like circles or squares before moving onto more complicated images.

For an author looking to get published, or if they have a book that would like to be improved, Jesse B. Creative can help. With over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, Jesse and his team can offer a range of services to help get seen in the best light possible. 

Whether it’s ghostwriting, editing, query letters, proposals for awards submissions, or anything related to writing and publishing, Jesse B. Creative has got it covered.

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