Jennifer Markham, With Her Niece Damaris McDaniel Creates New Children’s Book – Donkhead Finds a Home

Jennifer Markham, works with her talented nieces Damaris McDaniel (author), Tabitha Alloway (editor), and Aeriel Terry (illustrator) to release a new children’s book titled “Donkhead Finds a Home: A Story on Kindness”

Based on the gentle and intuitive nature of her beloved dog, Jennifer Markham created a character reflecting the love, intelligence, and loyalty she had seen in him and subsequently worked with her nieces to release new children’s book titled Donkhead Finds a Home: A Story on Kindness.

Jennifer Markham aims to teach life lessons to children as well as other age groups as she spreads the principles of kindness and building strong family ties using a fun and exciting plot that the readers can easily relate to. The major character, “Donkhead,” was inspired by an encounter her niece, Madalyn Bellati had with her brother Joshua King, getting frustrated and calling him a Donkhead. The plot of Donkhead Finds a Home: A Story on Kindness follows the journey of an unhappy dog who had everything, including a big backyard, only to be a pet to a very mean family. However, the fortunes of the abused, neglected, and finally dumped changed after a strange man put a leash on him and led him to the car, amidst the confusion. Donkhead was eventually joined by a friendly and very curious little terrier named Ricktoo as well as other friends, ultimately creating a new home for the once sad dog.

Donkhead Finds a Home: A Story on Kindness was a chance for Jennifer, a big advocate of strengthening family ties, to challenge her nieces and nephews. She presented the idea of Donkhead to them, and they ran with the idea. The book was written by her Niece Damaris McDaniel, edited by another niece Tabitha Alloway, and illustrated by yet another niece, Aeriel Terry.

The book is currently available on Amazon and seems to be doing well already judging by the accolades from readers. “This is a great read for children and just a great lesson for life in general as children grow, kindness!” said a buyer on Amazon.

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