Jane Fischer & Associates Partners With Local Iowa Animal Shelter to Sponsor One Animal Adoption Per Month

Jane Fischer and Associates, a real estate company in Northern Iowa, is giving back to the local community through it’s partnership with the Human Society of North Iowa, by sponsoring animal adoptions as part of the Jane Fischer Cares initiative.

Jane Fischer and Associates‘ real estate company has partnered with the Human Society of North Iowa to cover animal adoptions. This year, the shelter that they partner with was able to sponsor at least one animal adoption per month.

If you live in the Mason City Iowa or Clear Lake Iowa area or anywhere in Northern Iowa and are interested in adopting a new pet for free, below is the information where the Jane Fischer real estate team can be contacted.

This is a part of the Jane Fischer Cares initiative that gives back to the local community. Jane’s entire real estate team makes a conscious effort to contribute to the community that has supported them for 20+ years.

Jane says, “We are happy that our company is able to give back to local organizations and families. By incorporating opportunities for Jane Fischer Real Estate agents to support their community, we’ve been able to implement a sense of pride in our local areas.” With the Jane Fischer Real Estate team being present in different areas across Northern Iowa, they are able to serve multiple communities. Jane also added, “we want to try to change people’s lives for the positive, pay it forward, and give back the blessings we have been given.”

If you are interested in supporting the Jane Fischer & Associates initiative or have questions Please contact the team directly.

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