Jalla Tek’s “Jalla Scissors”, Expanding Into the Global Camping Equipment Market Beyond Kitchen Utensils


A renowned name in the South Korean culinary sector, JallaTek Co., Ltd., has revolutionized the market with its amazing kitchen scissors and innovative ideas. Since its humble origins as a manufacturer of sharpening stones and equipment in 1987 under the name Hanmi Special Metal, the business has grown to become a household name renowned for its outstanding high quality and innovation.

A Journey of Expertise and Excellence

JallaTek’s journey began with a focus on research and the production of machinery and sharpening stones, driven by their proprietary technology. This early knowledge served as the model for a future marked by quality and accuracy. The company quickly found its footing in the food and industrial knife industries, supplying mixer blades to illustrious South Korean household brands such as NUC Co., Ltd., LG Electronics Co., Ltd., and HC Company Co., Ltd. Their unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch services and goods won them the respect and consideration of industry leaders.

Expanding Product Lineup and Innovation

JallaTek’s dedication to innovation and excellence inspired them to broaden their selection of products. Building on their polishing expertise, they produced potato peelers, kitchen knives, and scissors, all of which featured their unique knife polishing process. These products set new standards for durability and performance in the industry.

The introduction of detachable scissors has been one of their most outstanding advancements. This innovative design now not only provides excellent cutting performance but also addresses hygiene issues frequently connected with traditional scissors. The removable feature makes it possible to easily and thoroughly clean the scissors using heat sterilization, ensuring that they continue to be a dependable and secure kitchen tool.

Key Features of Jalla Scissors

Eco-Friendly Materials: Made of eco-friendly materials, these scissors are not only incredibly strong and long-lasting but also recyclable and reused, in keeping with today’s environmental ideals.
Design for Hygiene: The detachable feature makes sure that the scissors can be easily cleaned, encouraging hygiene in the kitchen. The elimination of dangerous microorganisms is also ensured by thermal sterilization.
Abrasive-Free: Unlike ordinary stainless steel scissors, which may require the removal of abrasives, Jalla scissors are completely free of abrasives, which adds to their durability and expected performance.
Premium Scissors made of Stainless Steel: To ensure longevity and sharpness, these scissors are made from premium chrome steel 420J2 developed by POSCO, a major metal manufacturer.
Ambidextrous Use: Jalla scissors are adaptable and user-friendly, accommodating a wide range of people and being designed for both left- and right-handed users.
Wide variety of selection: stainless steel scissors, detachable scissors, premium scissors, camping scissors

A Visionary Future

The innovative designs of JallaTek Co., Ltd., led by CEO Mr. Jaepo Do, are positioned to lead the premium tenting cookware market. These designs include small chopping knives and camping forks that set them apart from ready-made goods. This strategic vision demonstrates their commitment to innovation and their commitment to satisfying customers’ changing needs.

Additionally, JallaTek is prepared to go out on a global expansion adventure. The agency intends to work with global supply chain vendors to expand into markets in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. This expansion strategy fits in perfectly with the expanding interest in camping and fishing sports, which has been encouraged in part by the evolving alternatives in leisure activities in the following years of the pandemic era.

About JallaTek Co., Ltd.

Previously known as Hanmi Special Metal, JallaTek Co., Ltd. is a significant South Korean manufacturer of kitchen scissors and associated kitchenware products. The company, well known for its dedication to innovation and quality, has a long history of distinction dating back to its founding in 1987. They own $65 in resources.

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