J. & H. Mason Depicts the American Experience in Accountability: The Book of Caleb

Husband-and-wife writing team, J. & H. Mason, releases a new book titled “Accountability,” a fiction depicting the American experience and how survivors seek accountability to have closure in their lives

The duo of Joni and Hope Mason is shedding more light on the plight of minority communities and their struggles by an apparently unjust system with the release of Accountability: The Book of CalebThis fictional work depicts the American experience, chronicling a journey that leads to the realization of unexpected discoveries.

The past has no deviations, and the future can only be thought of with wonder, now is the time to act, because now is all that you have,” said J. & H. Mason, authors of Accountability: The Book of Caleb. “In making decisions, base them on getting through an eternity, not just this current parenthesis.”

Minority communities have often been victims of discrimination based on their skin color and other features. Law enforcement has particularly come under strong criticism over the years for the part played in the phenomenon. Recent activities have further brought to bear the plight of such individuals and J. & H. Mason seek to further reiterate this position with the release of Accountability: The Book of Caleb.

The book serves as an expository that explores a 15-day journey, with a group of people becoming intimately joined in their quest to seek accountability, a move that led to an irrevocable change in their lives. Accountability: The Book of Caleb chronicles the experience of a Black Chinese American family and  their quest for justice, systemic changes, and closure, following the loss of their son to police brutality, revenge, and America’s greatest evil, racism.

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About Joni and Hope Mason

Joni and Hope Mason are writers and self-publishers who seek to touch on topical issues through fiction with the goal of provoking thoughts in the minds of readers and ultimately driving conversations that would lead to the desired changes in society.

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