Introducing the Roadmap of Mirrors Wellness Club

Mirrors Wellness Club (MWC) is a community that places a strong emphasis on the three pillars of wellness:

Mental, andΒ 

Who is the community?

MWC is a place for humans who desire to live a healthy lifestyle both within and outside of the metaverse to get together and share ideas. β€œWhen it comes to MWC, it’s all about gazing in the mirror and truly becoming who you want to be.” When you gaze in the mirror at the MWC, you are urged to be true to your own personality.

There should be no conflict between your job or career and the person you wish to see when you look in the mirror. This NFT project will take its members on a wellness trip that will take them across both the real world and the metaverse.


We believe that wellness is the fountain of youth, and MWC wants the community to have the opportunity to participate in a project that will keep them young, wealthy, and healthy forever. Join the discord server and begin researching the NFT, which will alter the way the world perceives wellness in the metaverse in the near future.

Phase 1:

The release date for MWC’s first drop, which will include collections one and two with a total supply of 10,000 units, will be announced during phase one.

Phase 2:

If the first drop sells out completely, MWC will donate 25 percent of their income to a charity or benefit wallet of your choice. Announcing the release of the artwork and the airdrop date for the third collection, which will be distributed for free to MWC members and active discord members, will take place soon. Keep an eye out for our $30,000 in cash giveaways throughout the final countdown to the airdrop, which will take place during the 3rd Collection.

Phase 3:

Mirrors Wellness Club’s official launch is being marked with the announcement of events in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, and Atlanta for the year 2022. There will be a new theme for each event, but they will all be oriented around wellness and the benefits of taking time away from work. They want their members to be able to strike a good balance between their work and their leisure time.

Phase 4:

Members can use their NFTs in the following three ways:

1. Take pleasure in the artwork and feel free to use it how you choose.

2. You can sell your art on any marketplace.

3. Make use of your artwork to market and sell your own products.

Phase 5: The Final Phase

You can unlock Mirrors Wellness Club membership benefits when you have at least two MWC NFTs in your possession. To unlock Mirrors Wellness Club membership benefits, you must have at least two MWC NFTs.

1. Three therapy sessions per year are required.

2. Promising private investment opportunities are available.

3. Donations to charitable organisations on an annual basis.

4. Access to any annual wellness retreat in Miami or Jamaica, as well as a guest.

5. Concerts and events that are only available to members.

6. High-End Presenting.

7. Wellness activations that are branded.

8. Opportunity to become a founding member of the Mirrors Wellness Club Investment Group.

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