Introducing NISH, NOYA, and NOYSTER, Sozyë’s Brilliant Alternatives to Conventional Fish, Soya, and Oyster Sauces

London-based saucier Sozyë has taken an innovative approach in creating NISH, NOYA, and NOYSTER, which are formulated as allergen-free, soya-free, and plant-based alternatives to fish sauces, soy sauces, and oyster sauces

Every year, forests are being destroyed globally to cater to the world’s hunger for soy sauces. Sea life is also affected as fishes and oysters are taken from water bodies for the production of sauces. On the part of soy, the constant removal of the mono-crop has greatly reduced the ability of the forests to absorb and store carbon dioxide. Seeing the environmental impact the production of sauces poses on the earth and how sea life is greatly affected, Sozyë decided to adopt a new approach to make sauces available at no cost to the environment and the earth’s water bodies.

On this note, the London-based start-up took an innovative approach to create allergen-free, soya-free, and plant-based alternatives to fish, soya, and oyster sauces. The sauces use a special sustainably harvested certified organic seaweed from the pristine shores of Scotland instead of soya or seafood. Only the tops of the leaves are collected to enable it regrow within a few weeks. This method ensures that the environment is preserved while the world’s cravings for soya sauces are met.

NISH (plant-based alternative to fish sauce), NOYA (plant-based alternative to soya sauce), and NOYSTER (plant-based alternative to oyster sauce) are the brainchildren of Londoner Jacob Thundil MBE, who was on a journey to find kind and healthy food alternatives without compromising on taste. Fuelled by his passion and experience for food and innovation and the limited options in the market, Thundil took it upon himself to create a range of organically-certified, allergen-free, sustainably-brewed, and tasty sauces.

While experimenting with making a vegetarian stock, the savoury notes from a particular Scottish seaweed reminded him of fermented soy. This led him to conduct hundreds of kitchen trials to perfect the world’s first British-made soya sauce alternative. Speaking about the progress he has made, this is what Thundil, Founder of Sozyë, had to say “I am very happy with the results and hope you will support our mission to brew delicious sauces which are kind to the planet and you.”

In October 2021, Sozyë won the coveted Great Taste Awards for all three products. Expressing his joy after clinching the awards, Dr Thundil said, “During the lockdown, we used our free time to set up a lab in our kitchen to run all of the tests required to prepare to launch NISH, NOYA & NOYSTER. I am very pleased to win the Great Taste awards for all three products. We are proud to present the first British brewed NISH, NOYA and NOYSTER sauces.”

Since its launch, the products have received tons of feedbacks, positive reactions, and approvals.

On NISH, reactions read, “What an impactful product: this has a real depth of flavour and a malty aroma, as well as a very long umami aftertaste.” Another was quoted saying, “As garums go, this is a very innovative and tasty alternative to fish-based products that we’re sure would have many great uses.”

A cheerful user of the NOYSTER sauce said, “This is a very clever and innovative product. On the nose, it smelt quite heavy and marmite-like, which proved divisive.” A family that used the NOYSTER sauce said, “The flavour is very good. This is such a clever product, and we loved the savoury, sweet flavour, which is well balanced.”

The NOYA sauce does not fall short of positive reactions too. “This sauce has a dark appearance, despite not being a soy sauce,” a reaction read. Another reaction to the NOYA sauce goes thus, “An innovative product, we appreciated the flavour and concept and loved that it was locally sourced and produced. Very tasty.”

NISH, NOYA, NOYSTER are priced at £2.99, £3.99 and £4.99, respectively and are exclusively available at Planet Organic instore and online during January 2021. Sozyë is on a mission to shake up the sauce aisle and introduce the world to a new way of brewing sauces without compromises.

The sauces are available from Planet Organic Instore and

For further information, visit, and for product samples, images or quotes, please get in touch with Manisha Solanki at the Sozyë press office on 01895 624 550 or by email to

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