Introducing Attidude, a Collection of Cool and Unique Men Proudly Living on Etherium Blockchain

Attidude, a collection of cool and unique men proudly living on Etherium blockchain and hosted on IPFS is set to make its debut in the exciting world of NFTs with its pre-sale date set for 03/22/22 at 9:22 am PDT (or 12:22 EST) and public sale to start at 03/22/22 at 2:22 P.M. PDT (or 5:22 EST).

The world was only getting used to having bitcoin around when it was unexpectedly hit by NFTs. The revelation of millions of dollars being made through the selling of NFTs sent the blockchain world into a frenzy. In fact, Jack Patrick Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, once issued an autographed tweet as an NFT.

Attidude is making its entrance at a time when NFTs are enjoying an unquestionable popularity. NFTs are a new type of art investment, with NFT art makers encompassing artists, gamers, and companies from all walks of life. So valuable are they that CryptoPunk #9998, which was part of a collection of 10,000 NFTs, “sold” for $530 million. It’s the most expensive NFT ever sold, at least on paper, and it’s far from the only success story, with a slew of other artists making headlines.

With a total number of assets pegged at 10000, and a Smart contract to be announced before minting, Attidude  NFTs price per token has been set to a whitelist presale price of 0.07 eth and public sale of 0.08 eth with a royalty fee of 4.5%. The Assets withheld from sale is 200. This includes marketing, giveaways, and the team.

The Attidudes are replete with an array of features and different rarities. They are stylish, fashionable, cute, confident, with sufficient doses of an alpha male’s distinct swag. No two Attidudes are precisely alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the blockchain.

Speaking about the NFTs, the artiste and founder, Stone said ”Each of our NFTs are one of a kind and programmatically generated from 10 unique traits and 90 attributes, including clothing, backgrounds, expression, pose and more”. Continuing, Stone said: ”Owning an Attidude provides you access to our private channel, giveaway, complemented by free airdrops to our members including Attidude v2.0 and much more. If you want to whitelist or want more information, visit us at”.

It is pertinent to note that Attidude v2.0 is the team’s next project which will be launched within 4 months of a 100% sell out of the primary attidude project. All attidude members who have original nft in their wallet can claim this for free.

Additionally, another perk of owning an Attidude is that members are granted access to Attidude store where they can redeem their free merch and get exclusive members-only discounts on various products. Besides this, members get voting rights, which entails community-driven decisions and voting rights to primary members.

The Attidude NFT was created by Stone with a significant help from his friend, Randy. It is said that with longevity comes experience; with experience comes greater expertise. Both Stone and Randy’s expertise in non fungible tokens dates back to earlier years when they had underlying passion and obsession for sports, fashion, photography, and design. This passion, especially in fashion and design, was the catalyst that spurred Stone and his hardworking team to create the Attidude nft.

Stone got into the NFT space to bring a distinct diversity to NFTs. This is exemplified by the rarities and unique traits of the NFTs ranging from dark to light body types amongst other peculiarities. However, one of the most important features of Attidude NFT is the fact the project gives back to the community and the world. ”At 60% of sales, we will allocate 5% of sales to the Attidude fund. The fund will be used to support child education across the world”, Randy said.

To put into proper perspective the rise of NFTs, an investment of $45 in CryptoPunks NFT in 2017 would have resulted in a whopping $2,009,680 ROI in 2021. For this project, one thing is certain, with the acumen and insight of the Attidude team, the Attidude NFTs will undoubtedly be a smart investment choice for every NFT collector and crypto enthusiast out there.

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