Introducing “Adopted, Returned Unwanted” by Judith Levisy: A Powerful Tale of Love, Loss, and Racial Prejudice in Adoption

Adopted, Returned Unwanted” by Judith Levisy
Can you imagine being adopted and return? It’s Judy Levisy story of being adopted at birth, return to an orphanage, then to a foster home. You will be amazed at what happen in this relentless woman’s life.

Los Angeles, CA – June 01, 2023 – We are excited to announce the highly anticipated book launch of “Adopted, Returned, Unwanted” by author Judith Levisy. This compelling memoir shines a much-needed light on a deeply troubling reality within the realm of adoption: the story of a baby being adopted by a white family and subsequently returned to the orphanage due to the family’s refusal to accept and embrace the child’s racial identity.

In “Adopted, Returned Unwanted,” Judith Levisy courageously shares her own personal journey as the child at the center of this heart-wrenching tale. Born to a White birth mother, a Black father and adopted at birth by a white couple, Judith’s story takes a tragic turn when, just six months later, she is returned to the orphanage solely because her skin tone grew darker, causing her adoptive parents to question their ability to raise a Black child.

Levisy’s memoir sheds light on the lingering racial prejudices that persist in adoption and challenges society’s notion of what constitutes a loving and accepting family. Through her powerful storytelling, she delves into the emotional turmoil, feelings of rejection, and identity struggles she faced because of being abandoned by the very family that was meant to provide her with love and security.

“Adopted, Returned Unwanted” is a poignant exploration of the complex dynamics of race, identity, and the often-overlooked consequences of racial bias in adoption. Levisy’s heartfelt narrative invites readers to reflect on the deep-rooted biases that can undermine the well-being and happiness of children who deserve nothing less than unconditional love and acceptance.

The book, “Adopted, Returned Unwanted” will launch before fall. Judith Levisy effortlessly recites excerpts from her powerful memoir and is willing to engage in thought-provoking discussion about race, adoption, and societal responsibility.

“Through this book, I hope to raise awareness and promote dialogue about the importance of embracing diversity within families and communities,” says author Judith Levisy. “Every child, regardless of their race, deserves to grow up in a loving and inclusive environment. By sharing my own painful experience, I hope to inspire change and foster a more compassionate and understanding society.”

“Adopted, Returned Unwanted” is an essential read for everyone and especially anyone interested in the complexities of adoption, racial identity, and social justice. It serves as a call to action, urging individuals, families, and communities to confront their biases and create a world where every child is cherished and celebrated for who they are.

This book also shares the trials and disappointments Levisy endured throughout the 40 year search while looking for her biological family.

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